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About 3,500 Old Dominion students received bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees during four ceremonies held May 10 and 11 at the Ted Constant Convocation Center. Photos by Chuck Thomas/ODU

LeADERS ePortfolio

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LeADERS ePortfolio Process

In order to complete your LeADERS program, you are required to create, build, and submit an ePortfolio which records and reflects on your LeADERS related experiences. The Office of Academic Success Initiatives and Support (ASIS) ePortfolio Program offers support to all LeADERS participants in order to help them fulfill this requirement.

Below is the LeADERS ePortfolio process:

Get Started

Once you have completed the LeADERS Interest form online, you will be invited to complete the LeADERS Online Orientation in Canvas. This orientation will guide you through the process of activating your LeADERS ePortfolio, using either:

The online orientation will walk you through this process; however, immediately relevant tutorials include:

Logging into ODU's WordPress System
Using ODU Templates (WordPress)
Dashboard vs. Site View (WordPress)
Making the Website Public (WordPress)

If you already have an ePortfolio (e.g., one you created for a class) that you would like to build upon for the LeADERS Program eP requirement, this tutorial provides instructions for Incorporating LeADERS into a Pre-Existing ePortfolio.

Additional tutorials can be found at https://odu.edu/asis/eportfolio/tutorials

Get to Work

As you are working on your LeADERS ePortfolio, please reference the LeADERS ePortfolio review rubric (accessible only with your ODU Google account).

All LeADERS Candidates must receive ePortfolio assistance on their LeADERS eP at least once during their time in the program. This support may be in the form of:

  • One-on-one appointment (in-person or online)
  • Visiting a LeADERS ePortfolio help session
  • Getting video feedback on your eP
  • Attending an eP workshop or event

Check out the LeADERS ePortfolio Support tab for more info.

Once you have received help from the eP team, please complete the form below to notify the LeADERS team that you have completed this requirement.

LeADERS eP Support Requirement Confirmation Form

Get Your Medal

Once you are in your final semester at ODU, you will need to complete the Program Completion Module in the LeADERS Candidates Canvas site which covers two important steps:

  1. Prepare to Submit Your LeADERS ePortfolio
  2. Submit Your Finalized LeADERS ePortfolio

Students who successfully follow the eP instructions in the Completion Module and take courses from 3+ areas of LeADERS will earn their LeADERS Medals!

LeADERS ePortfolio Support

LeADERS eP Support Requirement

All LeADERS Candidates must receive ePortfolio assistance on their LeADERS eP at least once during their time in the program. This support may be in the form of:

  • One-on-one appointment (in-person or online)
  • Visiting a LeADERS eP Help Session
  • Getting video feedback on your eP
  • Attending an eP workshop or event

Once you have received help from the eP team, please complete the form below to notify the LeADERS team that you have completed this requirement.

LeADERS eP Support Requirement Confirmation Form

LeADERS eP Help Sessions with the ePortfolio Assistance Team

In Fall 2022, students can attend the LeADERS eP help sessions online or in-person to work on ePortfolios in an unstructured casual environment with ePortfolio Assistants and staff from the LeADERS Team just a chat away. Participants are welcome to come to collaborate or work independently.

Fall 2022 LeADERS Program eP Help Sessions will take place on the following days/times:

  • Thurs, Sept 22nd, 12:30-1:30pm: Student Success Center 2026
  • Thurs, Oct 6th, 12:30-1:30pm: bit.ly/epopenstudio
  • Thurs, Oct 20th, 12:30-1:30pm: Student Success Center 2026
  • Thurs, Nov 3rd, 12:30-1:30pm: bit.ly/epopenstudio

One-on-One Support

In Spring 2022, Student ePortfolio assistants are available to meet with students. Select the button below to schedule an appointment. Instructions for scheduling an appointment can be found here. You also may contact the front desk for assistance at 757-683-7093.

Schedule an ePortfolio Assistance Appointment

Get Feedback on Your eP!

The eP team also can review your LeADERS ePortfolio and provide feedback before you submit your eP for final review, all without requiring an appointment. Here is how the process works:

  1. Use the link below to submit your eP for review.
  2. An eP assistant will review your eP and create a video of his/her feedback to email to you.
  3. You have the option of making the suggested changes and submitting your eP for feedback again and/or scheduling an appointment with an eP assistant if you need additional help.

The ePortfolio team recognizes you're busy, so they want to offer you help in the way that best suits your schedule. In order to get the most of these process, you should have content already within your ePortfolio so that the Assistant has material to respond to.

Submit Your eP for Review and Feedback Here

Other ePortfolio Resources

Using an Existing eP for LeADERS

Have you already created an ePortfolio you would like to use for LeADERS? Be sure to use the instructions below to incorporate the LeADERS program eP requirements to help you earn your medal.

Incorporating LeADERS into a Pre-Existing ePortfolio

ePortfolio Program Tutorials

The ePortfolio program has developed a large number of templates for how to work in WordPress or Wix.

Access ePortfolio Program Tutorials

Finalizing Your ePortfolio

In your final semester of the program, you will complete the Program Completion Module in Canvas, which is designed to guide you through a review of your LeADERS portfolio. All LeADERS Candidates will have access to these modules at any time during the program.

Students planning to to walk for/participate in the Dec 2022 Commencement ceremony should complete these modules by Monday, November 14th for the priority deadline (and the opportunity to implement feedback). Final submissions will NOT be accepted after Monday, November 28th.

After completing the LeADERS Candidate Interest Form, students are entered into the LeADERS Candidate Canvas site. To access the Program Completion Module on Canvas:

  1. Log in to Canvas using the MyODU Portal.
  2. Select the 'Courses' tab.
  3. Select the 'LEADERS CANDIDATES' Canvas organization.
  4. Select "Modules' from the left-hand menu.
  5. Select 'Program Completion Module'.
  6. Read the Overview instructions and click into each module folder to read and follow instructions.

*Please note: The Online Orientation must be completed PRIOR TO the Program Completion Modules.*

LeADERS ePortfolio Models

Below are the ePortfolios for our LeADERS graduates who have been recognized for having an outstanding ePortfolio.

Click on the links below to check out the student LeADERS ePortfolio samples.


Katrina's LeADERS ePortfolio

Katrina Duff who graduated in May 2021 from the RN-BSN program is pursuing nursing as a second career. Katrina's portfolio highlights the challenges she conquered trying to complete her associate degree in nursing while concurrently enrolled in a Bachelor of Nursing program and the LeADERS program, while also being a working mother of four. She highlights how her experience taught her time and stress management skills that she wanted to continue to hone.

Sierra's LeADERS ePortfolio

Sierra Krainski graduated in May 2021 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Psychology and a minor in Counseling and Human Services. Her long-term goals include obtaining a M.S. Ed in School Counseling and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Sierra's portfolio highlights the skills she obtained through various workshops and courses through the LeADERS program and how they prepared her for working in a team structure and having a positive influence on others.

Justine's LeADERS ePortfolio

Justine Mae Marin is a graduate from the Batten College of Engineering with a major in Mechanical Engineering and a concentration in Mechanical Systems/Design. She notes in her ePortfolio that with her rigorous classes, extra-curriculars, and research work, she was challenged to establish priorities and have an end goal in mind. Justine is planning to continue onto graduate school for a Master's in Biomedical Engineering and believe the LeADERS program helped her develop her teamwork and adaptability.

Erin's LeADERS ePortfolio

Erin Sereby is graduating with her BSN degree in nursing and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. One of Erin's most notable experiences in the LeADERS program and Honors College was her participation in the Monarch Think Tank through which her team was able to help a local non-profit, Bags for Hope, advance its efforts to work with youth in the foster system. She notes that she has learned more about who she is and what she wants for the future. In the future, Erin hopes to take her NCLEX and become a registered nurse.

Lesia's LeADERS ePortfolio

Lesia Pristas graduated in December 2020 with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Leadership with a minor in Communication. As of spring 2021, Lesia is continuing her studies at ODU in the Master's in Instructional Design and Technology program, and Lesia's portfolio highlights her enthusiasm in creating digital tools, especially short videos, to highlight her various experience in and outside of the classroom. Some of Lesia's other talents shared in her portfolio include public speaking, dance instruction, and serving as a coach for Weight Watchers.

Angie's LeADERS ePortfolio

Anghela Soto is a December 2020 graduate who earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Cybersecurity with a double major in Information Technology and Criminal Justice. Angie's LeADERS ePortfolio features three strong themes to her identity, including her strong interest in the field of cybersecurity, her Latinx family background, and her experiences as a first generation college student at ODU.

Kimber's LeADERS ePortfolio

Kimber Torres completed her Bachelor of Science degree in August 2020 as an IDS-Leadership major. After graduation, she had plans to pursue a Master's in Business Administration degree with a concentration in Project Management. Kimber has worked in the project management field as an analyst for the past two years and believes her LeADERS program experiences have provided a foundation of knowledge for her leadership and management skills.

Abby's LeADERS ePortfolio

Abby Rossiter graduated in May 2020 with a major in Exercsie Science. She intends to pursue a doctoate degree in Physical Therapy and is interested in working in the field of Health and Wellness.

Christopher's LeADERS ePortfolio

Christopher Spellman is a May 2020 graduate who pursued a degree in Interndisciplinary Studies with a Leadership major and Human Services minor. Beginning in Fall 2020, Mr. Spellman will pursue a Master of Education degree in Student Affairs at Clemson University.

Kayla's LeADERS ePortfolio

Kayla Davis graduated in December 2019 with a double major in Communication and Psychology. Prior to graduation, Kayla had already begun working on her graduate degree from ODU in Lifespan and Digital Communication.

Anonio's LeADERS ePortfolio

Antonio Johnson is a December 2019 graduate who majored in Health Service Administration with a minor in Management. He serves in the U.S. Navy as a hospital corpsman with a specialty as a surgical technologist.

Makayla's LeADERS ePortfolio

Our final December 2019 graduate who was recognized for having an outstanding LeADERS ePortfolio is Makayla Wray, who studied Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations and earned a minor in Sociology. Makayla's goal after graduation is to pursue a career in public relations or human resources.

Korena's LeADERS ePortfolio

Korena Klimczsk graduated in May 2019 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a double minor in Biology and Statistics. In fall 2019, she will begin pursuing a Ph.D. in Counseling and Clinical Psychology at Utah State University.

Sidney's LeADERS ePortfolio

Our final May 2019 graduate who was recognized for having a top LeDERS ePortfolio is Sideny Scott-Sharoni who earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a minor in Communication. Her plans are to explore her interests in human-automation interaction and visual attention and to hopefully obtain a PhD in human factors psychology.

Christian's LeADERS ePortfolio

Our final December 2018 graduate who was recognized for having a top LeADERS ePortfolio is Christian Williams who earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business with a major in Marketing. Graduating in the top 100 of all Business majors at his college, Christian has a proven track record as a digital marketing specialist working with teams to plan and execute strategic social media, SEO, and creative marketing plans.

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