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What is LeADERS?

LeADERS is a pathway connecting students to enriching classes and active learning experiences resulting in a competitive edge in their chosen careers.


  • At ODU, we want students to graduate with employable skills.
  • As reported by AAC&U, student participation in multiple High Impact Practices (HIPs) helps students develop the top skills desired by employers (Key elements of HIPs can be located HERE).
  • LeADERS was created to guide students towards HIP courses and experiences.
  • The LeADERS ePortfolio provides a capstone experience for students to connect their HIPs and become lifelong learners

New LeADERS Course Application

LeADERS Course Application Form

Departments and faculty members may use this form to request new LeADERS course designations.

When completing the LeADERS Course Application Form, faculty will need to describe how the course's instructional activities and student assignments are connected to the Program Outcomes for the relevant area of LeADERS.

The Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U; 2007) reports that integrative learning, or the ability to apply learning to complex and unscripted problems, is an essential twenty-first century learning outcome.

Students use their LeADERS ePortfolios to:

  • SHARE about their LeADERS courses,

  • SHOWCASE the assignments they are completing,

  • REFLECT on what they are learning, and

  • CONNECT coursework to their development of real-world skills.

Program Benefits for FACULTY

  • Increased student engagement
  • Specialized out-of-class support for your students
  • Expanded opportunities for showcase of student coursework
  • Targeted promotion of your LeADERS classes
  • Established opportunity for service recognition at the university

Program Benefits for STUDENTS

  • Employer-valued skills, such as teamwork and decision making
  • Enriching and hands-on educational experiences
  • VIP access to professional development services and resources
  • Invitations to special events and workshops
  • Personal and group program support
  • Bronze, Silver, and Gold Graduation Medallions
  • Transcript Designation with LeADERS Experiences
  • Increased marketability to potential employers and graduate programs

Advising Resources

  • LeADERS Quick Reference Guide for Faculty and Advisors: This reference guide will help answer basic programmatic and advising questions related to the LeADERS program.

  • LeADERS Curriculum Guides: See how LeADERS courses fit into undergraduate majors at ODU. Please note: Not all majors are included.

  • Degree Works Presentation: This presentation overviews features of the LeADERS tab in Degree Works for students who are LeADERS Candidates. It also shows how to process a 'What If' report for students who are interested in LeADERS.

  • LeADERS Courses with Minimal Prerequisites: This Excel sheet lists several LeADERS courses that have minimal prerequisites, many of which may be used to help students complete Option D of the ODU general education requirements.

  • Course Search Presentation: This presentation shows how students can search for LeADERS courses each semester using the Course Search tool.

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