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Instructor teaching student at robotics camp.


Learning through Active Discovery, Engagement, Reflection, and Showcase

LeADERS is a Provost-sponsored initiative connecting undergraduate students to high-impact learning experiences both in and out of the classroom.


  • Participation in multiple High Impact Practices (HIPs) helps students increase engagement and deepen learning in their college experiences, leading to greater overall academic and institutional success.
  • LeADERS was created to guide students towards multiple HIP courses and experiences.
  • The breadth of experiences required provides students with unique opportunities to integrate their learning across diverse experiences.
  • The LeADERS ePortfolio provides a capstone experience for students to reflect on their experiences and articulate how they have prepared them for life after graduation.

Tagging Your Course

Departments and faculty members interested in adding a LeADERS tag to their course should contact the LeADERS program for assistance by emailing leaders@odu.edu. The program team will meet with you to review your syllabus, assignments, and LeADERS program outcomes and jointly determine the best path for selecting and adding an appropriate tag to your course.

Integrative learning, or the ability to apply learning to complex and unscripted problems, is an essential twenty-first century learning outcome. (AAC&U, 2007)

  • Course Search Presentation: This presentation shows how students can search for LeADERS courses each semester using the Course Search Tool

  • Degree Works Presentation: This presentation overviews features of the LeADERS tab in Degree Works for students who are LeADERS Candidates. It also shows how to process a "What if" report for students who are interested in LeADERS.

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