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Payment Plan


Old Dominion University offers a payment plan, administered by the Office of Finance, for Fall and Spring terms ONLY. Payment plans are currently not available for Summer sessions. The payment plan is currently not available to students taking non-credit classes. Payment plans must be established in LEO Online each term by the published tuition deadline. Either students or Authorized Users may establish the payment plan, but the student remains responsible for ensuring the account remains current. After signing up for the payment plan, students will continue receiving a comprehensive billing statement of all remaining charges. Please refer to LEO Online for the actual payment amounts and due dates. Please note that the payment plan may not be revoked once established.

When setting up the payment plan, charges for each semester are divided into 4 equal payments with a $40 non-refundable set-up fee. The $40 non-refundable set-up fee must be paid at the same time the payment plan is established online.

The monthly e-bill will show a comprehensive statement of all charges due. Refer to LEO Online for actual installment amounts and due dates. Payments not received by the due date are considered late and your account may be placed on hold, and receive a late fee.

What Cannot Be Included?

Payment plans can be established for current semester charges only. Students will not be able to establish a payment plan if there is a past due balance from a previous term or if there is a financial hold on the student account. All past due balances must be paid prior to enrolling in the payment plan.

Mandatory semester charges will roll into the payment plan. Please check LEO Online to view current charges.

Setting Up Your Payment Plan Online

Payment Plans must be set up online. Paper enrollment forms will not be accepted. Please do not mail payment for the $40 enrollment fee to the Office of Finance.

  • Students enroll through LEO Online - once logged in, select the link "Make a payment on account, sign up for e-Refunds and/or sign up for a Payment Plan." After selecting that link, students will be redirected to TouchNet, a secured payment site.
  • Authorized users enroll via TouchNet, a secured payment site.

Once in the student's TouchNet account, select Payment Plan from the choices across the top of the screen and follow the prompts to establish the payment plan. During set-up, students will be prompted to pay the amount due. Once you begin the payment process, you have 10 minutes to complete the payment while your plan enrollment is "active." Payments completed after 10 minutes cannot be linked to the payment plan, and you will have to begin the plan enrollment process again and complete a second payment.

Print a copy of your agreement for your records. Once the payment plan is established, the student or authorized user will receive an automatically-generated e-mail which will contain the due date for each installment.

How Financial Aid Impacts the Payment Plan (Timing is Everything)

It is critical that students submit all financial aid paperwork timely so that aid can be processed timely. The more aid that is processed and posted to a student's account, the less the student will have to pay when enrolling in the payment plan.

As financial aid is posted to a student's account, it will reduce the installment amount due. Financial aid will be applied to installments that are not past due. Students are responsible for ensuring all installment payments for the payment plan are made as scheduled and students are responsible for any late fees assessed. Please note that any reduction in financial aid could change the overall amount you owe.

No financial aid is applied to a student's account until all requirements have been met.

Changes to Your Payment Plan

Once established, the payment plan may not be revoked.

This is an adjustable plan, meaning the plan automatically recalculates remaining installments when there are changes to charges or credits posted on a student's account. If a student drops/adds a course, the credit or additional cost will be divided equally among the installments that are not yet due.

Students will receive an automatic e-mail notification from TouchNet each time a payment plan amount changes.

When Installment Payments Are Due

Students will receive e-mail notification from TouchNet each time an upcoming installment payment is coming due. Students may also review payment plan installment due dates by logging into LEO Online at any time.

Important Billing Information When Enrolled in a Payment Plan

Students will continue to receive a comprehensive billing statement each month for total charges with the original tuition deadline as the due date.

The comprehensive billing statement does not provide payment plan installment due dates or amounts.

To see the amounts and due dates of each installment, students must sign into LEO Online.

Failure to Make Timely Installment Payments

If any installment payment, or portion thereof, becomes past due, the student will be removed from the payment plan. The full balance will then be accelerated, which means the entire amount will be due and payable immediately. Late fees will also be assessed on the next billing cycle.

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