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Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some frequently asked questions regarding Monarch Profile Manager. Be sure to check here to see if your question has been answered before contacting your Web Support Liaison or the ITS Help Desk for help.

Who can edit their profile through the Monarch Profile Manager?

All Faculty and Classified staff can edit their profile using the Monarch Profile Manager.

How do I edit my profile?

For information on how to edit your Monarch Profile, refer to the instructions in Using Monarch Profile Manager.

Why do changes need approval?

Most changes require approval to ensure that the information is accurate, that the changes are consistently updated across all authoritative data sources, and that the request does not conflict with University data or policies.

Who approves the requested changes?

Most requests require authoritative approval, whole some require no approval at all.

Request Category Supervisor Human Resources WebComm
Name X X
Position X X
Address X X
Phone X X
Professional Web Links
Photo X

How will I know when my request has been approved so I can edit the way it is displayed?

You will receive an email when all changes have been processed. Please allow an additional 3 business days for the changes to be made in the system and become available to edit in the display portion of MPM.

As a staff member, how can I add qualifications?

While qualifications are not yet available for Classified Staff, you can use the Biography section to add any qualifications you wish to display.

How do I change my name officially with the University?

While the Monarch Profile Manager allows you to make cosmetic changes to your name - including changes to your preferred name - you will need to contact Human Resources if you need to make a legal name change.

What is the difference between a Web Friendly Title, Supplementary Title, Compliance Title, and Rank Title?

Web Friendly Title- How you want your job title to appear, especially if your title is abbreviated or truncated in some way. It must be almost the same as your official title in Banner (Example: Changing your title from MKTG SPEC to Marketing Specialist.)

Supplementary Title- Any additional title or role added to your job title (Example: If you are Associate Professor of English and Director of Student Outreach)

Compliance Title- Rarely used. Some employees fulfill a particular role for the University that is required by state or federal policy. In those instances, they can add a Compliance Title to their working title. This does not apply to most employees.

Rank Title- Your Rank Title cannot be edited in MPM. If you need to update your Rank Title, please contact Human Resources.

Why is my name/title/position listed in ALL CAPS?

Much of the information in your Monarch Profile is pulled from BANNER, which often translates as ALL CAPS. If you'd like to change it from ALL CAPS to Mixed Case (or vice versa), you can do so without making a formal MPM request. As long as you do not change the verbiage, you can contact your Web Support Liaison or the ITS Help Desk and ask them to change it for you. After updating, it will take some time (24-48 hours) to propagate to the website.

Why is my Monarch Profile information displaying different information than my directory listing?

There are a several possible reasons:

  • Your Monarch Profile has not had enough time yet to propagate the new information to the website (give at least 2-3 days).
  • You may need to update your profile display settings. See "Editing Profile Display" for instructions.
  • You may need to empty the cache on your browser to view the most updated version of the website.

If you have tried all of the above options with no success, please contact your Web Support Liaison or the ITS Help Desk for help.

Why was my request denied?

If your request has been denied, please contact your Web Support Liaison or the ITS Help Desk for help.They can find the reason for the disapproval and help you to fix it. After fixing any issues, you must submit a new request for approval.

Common reasons for disapprovals include: spelling errors, incorrect information, inconsistent information, information not properly updated in PAPERS or BANNER first, conflicts with University data or policy, etc.

Will changing my preferred name in MPM also reformat my name in the ODU Email Address Book?

Yes, but this change does take more time to process; give at least 7-14 days to update.

Can I get someone else to update my profile for me?

Since your Monarch Profile is protected by your MIDAS credentials, only you have access to your profile. However, your Web Support Partner/Liaison has administrative access to MPM and can view your profile and submit changes for you on your behalf. You must contact your Web Support Liaison for help with this, as they cannot submit changes to your profile without your permission.

How long does it take for a change to show online?

Directory data is not updated in real-time but once changes are made via the authoritative data source, the directory pages will update within 48 hours. To see the refresh intervals for specific attributes, please take a look at the Source Data Matrix.

Who is my Web Support Liaison?

Your Web Support Liaison is the person or team assigned to your department to assist with updating your office or department's web content and media.

Most University pages are supported by University Web & Digital Communication (WebComm).The Academic Colleges are supported by Academic Web Support (AWSP). The units listed on the Administration & Finance page are supported by Administrative Web Support.

To find your assigned Web Support Liaison, view the complete list of Web Support Partners/Liaisons.

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