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Advanced Live Online and Zoom Instructor Training

Take your Live Online teaching to the next level for greater student satisfaction, learning, completion and retention. Come away with information you can use Monday morning. Come away with practical, how-to tips and techniques, plus the pedagogy of Live Online teaching. Taught by one of the foremost teachers of adults. // Course provided in partnership with LERN.

Beginning Conversational Spanish

Designed for beginners, we will have you speaking and reading Spanish in no time. You will practice the basic building blocks of the language and common idiomatic expressions. You will know enough vocabulary and grammar for simple conversations, and you will learn how to ask and answer questions. Whether you speak some Spanish and need a refresher, or no Spanish, you will complete the course with the skills to communicate in Spanish. // Course provided in partnership with LERN.

Career Switcher

Old Dominion University has offered the Career Switcher Program on behalf of the Virginia Department of Education since 2000. Varied program formats allow for extremely accelerated training while accommodating participants who wish to remain employed in their current jobs while pursuing licensure. In addition, candidates are placed in school classrooms where they observe instruction and are given the opportunity to make contacts in school districts while gaining knowledge about teacher responsibilities and instructional strategies.

Certificate in Effective Grammar

Write and edit better starting today. Gain confidence in your writing. Improve your communication skills. This course will reinforce the rules you learned in school and teach you some you didn't. // Course provided in partnership with LERN.

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in the Diverse Classroom

Educators and psychologists know that learning is significantly affected by factors such as stress, anxiety, self-image, cultural expectations and societal expectations. The increasing number of students diverse backgrounds in today's classrooms introduces a tremendous diversity of lived experience which influences how students learn. In this course, we will examine the factors that come together to create unique challenges to black students in the classroom and explore ways in which teachers can minimize those challenges and support school success for all students. // Course provided in partnership with LERN.

Introduction To Fiction Writing

Designed specifically for those with little to no fiction writing experience, find your pathway towards your fiction writing goals. Learn the basic building blocks of story: character, plot and setting. Then find out the different forms of fiction writing and some of the genres you might like to explore. // Course provided in partnership with LERN.


Enhance your management skills through this program for supervisors, managers, and emerging leaders. Nothing creates success like a solid foundation. Discover the keys for effectively managing your employees. Find out how to create clear expectations, engage and motivate employees, and increase your effectiveness. // Course provided in partnership with LERN.

Managing Social Change

Discover proven strategies for moving your efforts, and those of others, from advocacy to managing and achieving social change within the workplace and/or community. // Course provided in partnership with LERN.

Non-Profit Administration

Non-profits today need to be run like a business in many respects. You have competition, a need to generate income and a surplus, and staff need to be even more productive. Get the best training on revenue generation for nonprofits, and program evaluation for nonprofits, with our Certificate in NonProfit Administration. // Course provided in partnership with LERN.

Personal Development

Whether looking for a job, a promotion, or becoming a freelancer, developing these soft skills will add value to your career goals and set you apart from other candidates. However, the main question is, do you have many of these skills? How can they be developed and cultivated?

In order to develop soft skills it is crucial to learn more about oneself; this will help you become more aware of your mindset. Being conscious about your emotions and actions will lead you to develop many softs skills such as communication, adaptability, creativity, and leadership.

Presentation Media

Presentation media are key to communication, sales, speeches and any other effective presentation today. Whether your presentation is online or in-person, presentation media not only enhance your message, but often make your message successful. // Course provided in partnership with LERN.

Productivity & Time Management

Maximizing productivity and the use of time is the primary way to increase profitability and organizational success for a growing number of people and their organizations. Successful businesses and work organizations are moving from counting hours sitting in a chair to outcomes and results. // Course provided in partnership with LERN.

Programming for Non-Programmers

With virtually every organization now involved or even dependent on programming, managing or working with programmers is now an important part of your toolkit. If you wish to communicate technically with programming teams or wish to code a bit yourself, this certificate is for you. // Course provided in partnership with LERN.

Registered Play Therapy

This program provides professionals and students in the community with the opportunity to learn more about play therapy or to receive the training necessary to become a Registered Play Therapist (RPT). The Play Therapy program is offered as a series of nine (9) weekend workshops worth 17 continuing education hours each (16 contact CE's and one non-contact CE). Individuals can attend one or all of the workshops.

Test Prep

College admissions, including ACT & SAT prep; Graduate admissions, including LSAT, GRE, GMAT Prep; and Praxis Core Prep classes, all include expert instruction, a proven format, all required course materials, and online support resources in one convenient, affordable package.

The Teen Brain

One of the most turbulent periods in brain development occurs during adolescence. The teen brain actually functions very differently from the adult brain. Certain kinds of thinking, such as decision-making, actually happen in different parts of the brain for adolescents and adults. Understanding these complex changes can help calm the rough seas of the teen years, but also provide your teen with critical support and understanding that will promote better decision-making, better mental health, and better outcomes at school. Come find out the important ways in which the teen brain is developing. Identify behaviors and attitudes that are influenced by these changes. Then learn to offer constructive strategies for establishing a better understanding of and communication with your amazing teen. // Course provided in partnership with LERN.


WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) for website and blog design. Topics include an introduction to CMS, WordPress installation and setup, page and content creation, administration, themes (selection, purchase, installation, and setup), working with widgets and plugins, and more. // Course provided in partnership with LERN.

Workplace Communication

Good communication in the workplace is more important than ever. And critical to your career advancement and success. Come get a comprehensive and intensive preparation with skills and techniques you can put to use on Monday morning. // Course provided in partnership with LERN.

Workplace Conflict Solutions

In today's business environment, employers expect employees to have a solid set of interpersonal skills. The ability to solve problems quickly and effectively is a critical interpersonal skill well worth developing. // Course provided in partnership with LERN.

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