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Student playing basketball inside Student Recreation Center.

Informal Recreation:Pickup Games

SRC Activity Courts & Fields

Drop in to the SRC during designated "Informal Rec hours" for a pickup game!

Informal Recreation promotes recreational and wellness opportunities that are available through select locations including Court 1, 2, and 3, MAC Gym, Racquetball courts, and Studio A. During "Informal Rec" hours hours, these specific locations are deemed priority for volleyball, badminton, soccer, and basketball. All games are on a first-come, first served basis. Note that space and hours may be affected by intramural programs, sport club practice and games, academic classes and scheduled special events.

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Court 1

  • Basketball
SRC Basketball Court

Court 2

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball

Court 3

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton

src field

SRC Field

  • Outdoor Soccer
  • Flag Football
studio A

Studio A

  • Dance
  • Fitness

Multi-Activity Court (MAC)

  • Indoor Soccer
  • Badminton
  • Floor Hockey

Informal Rec Schedule

Activity Court Availability

This schedule shows when the courts are available to play pickup games. Click the time (on the left) to see the start and end.


Racquetball Courts

Make a racquetball, badminton, or table tennis reservation for up to 1 hour per day. Reserve up to 24 hours in advance in the Rec Well Portal or at the Equipment Desk.

Rec Well Portal

Facility Reservations

To reserve a space for your group or team, go to the Virtual EMS for most areas. Our Facilities page has more information about rentals & reservations.

Space Reservations

Equipment Checkout

SRC Equipment Desk


The Equipment Desk in the Student Recreation Center has a variety of sport and fitness equipment available for your workout.

  • Badminton racquets and birdies
  • Basketballs (men's and women's)
  • Bocce ball sets
  • Corn hole sets
  • Dodgeballs
  • Foam rollers
  • Footballs
  • Jump ropes
  • Mini hurdles
  • Racquetball racquets and balls
  • Soccer balls (indoor and outdoor)
  • Table tennis paddles and balls
  • Volleyballs (indoor and outdoor)
  • Wally balls
  • Weight and dip belts
  • Yoga mats

Equipment must be returned by closing on the same day of check out. Charges may apply for any unreturned, lost and/or damaged equipment.


Students Play Basketball

Informal Recreation (Pickup Games & Field)

  • Groups that request a specified activity during informal recreation must notify the Facility Manager. Individuals or groups playing other activities in these space will be given five minutes to finish their activity. The Facility Manager will then stop play and set up the proper equipment for the selected informal activity.
  • Individuals may not use informal recreation time for organized activities. Groups interested in reserving an area for activity should fill out the Indoor Student Recreation Center Request Form using Virtual EMS.
  • ODU students, faculty, staff and SRC members may use the field for informal recreation when the field is not reserved. Staff reserve the right to request identification.
  • Organized activities must have an approved reservation through ODU Recreation & Wellness.
  • Headphones must be worn while listening to personal devices.
  • Proper athletic clothing is required, including shirt and shoes. Cleats must not exceed ½" and must not be metal while using the field.
  • Recreation & Wellness is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings.
  • Recreation & Wellness does not assume liability for injuries resulting from any activity or event. Patrons shall use the field at their own risk.
  • Staff reserve the right to stop any activities deemed as unsafe.
  • Animals are prohibited on the field unless they are a registered service animal performing trained tasks.
  • Scooters, bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, and other similar equipment are prohibited.
  • Consumption or distribution of alcohol, tobacco, drugs or illegal substances is prohibited.
  • Weapons are prohibited.

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Main Gym and Multi-Activity Court (MAC)

  • Equipment (basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, etc.) may be checked out by members from the Equipment Desk. Equipment must be returned by closing on the same day of check out. Charges may apply for any unreturned, lost and/or damaged equipment.
  • Open recreation activities are first-come, first serve with a 1-hour time limit. Please see facility schedules for available times.
  • No personal stereos are permitted.
  • Keep the floor clear. All personal belongings must be kept in cubbies or lockers.
  • Do not move any equipment set-up on courts. Ask the building staff for assistance with the set-up or break down of equipment.

Students Play Racquet Ball

Racquetball Courts

  • Non-marking athletic shoes are required.
  • Personal belongings, gym bags, backpacks, etc., can be placed on the exterior of the court between the fins or in storage lockers.
  • Reservations may be made for racquetball, badminton and table tennis for up to one hour per day. Reservations may be made up to 24 hours in advance by calling the Equipment Desk at 757-683-4288.
  • All Players must check in with the Equipment Desk to have their reserved court setup accordingly.
  • Reserved court time will be forfeited after 10 minutes.
  • The badminton nets, Wallyball nets and table tennis tables must be set-up and taken down by SRC staff only.
  • Racquetball wrist straps and protective eyewear are strongly recommended.

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