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Alternative Work Schedules

Providing employees with flexibility to achieve balance

The University supports alternative work schedules that allow for the effective delivery of academic, student, and administrative services. Alternative work schedule options may help employees to balance work responsibilities, personal responsibilities, and commuting time.

What is an alternative work schedule?

An alternative work schedule is any work schedule that differs from the standard 40-hour workweek at the University which is Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm with a one-hour meal break.

Alternative work schedules may include:

  • job sharing
  • flextime
  • compressed workweeks
  • nine/ten/eleven month appointments


The Department of Human Resources is required to document and track all alternative work schedules in order to comply with State policy and to report employees' alternative work schedules in the Commonwealth's Personnel Management Information System. Therefore, supervisors must report all alternative work schedules to Human Resources via the Alternative Work Schedule Form, which should be submitted via email to hrrecruitment@odu.edu.

  University Policy 6201: Alternative Work Schedule

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