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Changing Jobs or Leaving the University

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Separation Notification Requirements

An employee is responsible for providing advance notice and written notification of his/her intent to resign to his/her hiring supervisor as soon as the decision has been made to separate from University employment. The written notification should:

  • provide an explanation for the resignation, and
  • state the effective date of separation, which is the last day the employee will work.

Reasonable advance notice of resignation for classified employees is at least two weeks or longer for professional level positions. As contractual employees, faculty members should make every effort to give the administration adequate time to find a replacement when they desire to leave Old Dominion University.

For official procedure and supervisor responsibilities, see University Policy 6060.


An employee should submit a letter of resignation to his/her immediate supervisor at least two weeks prior to the effective date of resignation. As the employee leaves the university, it is their responsibility to:

  • submit all leave taken via web time entry;
  • return keys directly to Facilities Management;
  • return library materials and pay fines;
  • check parking permit refunds with Transportation & Parking Services and pay parking fines;
  • pay outstanding advances and make final check arrangements with the Payroll Office;
  • pay outstanding debts and tuition aid with Accounts Receivable;
  • pay travel advances and turn in Travel Card to Accounts Payable;
  • return the Small Purchase Card (PCard) to Procurement Services and complete a final reconciliation of your charges;
  • return equipment, supplies and records to supervisor
  • provide a non-ODU personal email address to Human Resources

Exit Interview Process

A two-part exit interview will be arranged by Human Resources before your last day of work. This interview is vital because you can provide important observations about how to enhance the work environment at the University.

  1. Benefits Team Interview: You will answer questions regarding final pay and continuance or termination of benefits.
  2. DHRM Interview: You will be sent a link to an online interview allowing the option to confidentially share your experience as an ODU employee.

Changing Jobs

Your supervisor does not need to approve a job change, however you are strongly encouraged to talk to your supervisor if you are thinking of changing jobs.

To apply for another job on campus, go to jobs.odu.edu; complete the online application; and submit it for the desired position by the closing date.

After the closing date, applicants' credentials are reviewed and evaluated by a Human Resources' staff member, the hiring supervisor, or a selection committee. Based upon this review, applicants are selected for interviews. The department manager and/or the selection committee interview the candidates and select the best qualified applicant. An HR staff member usually notifies the selected candidate by telephone. After a candidate accepts a position, a starting date is established, and they are sent a confirmation letter.

Classified Role Changes

A role change occurs when an employee remains in his/her current position but his or her duties change. The change can be upward, downward or lateral. The appropriate vice president will determine the approval process for all role changes. The approval process will include a classification analysis by Human Resources. See Classified Pay Actions for details and contact Compensation & Classification for questions.


An employee who is rehired into a classified position must serve another probationary period. Salary will be determined by the Starting Pay Guidelines.

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