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Our Mission

  • An innovative teacher preparation program that allows students majoring in mathematics, science, or technology to receive teacher licensure while still earning their degree in their content area.
  • A unique collaboration between the Darden College of Education & Professional Studies and the College of Sciences at Old Dominion University.
  • Modeled after the nationally acclaimed UTeach program at the University of Texas at Austin.
  • Supported by a growing number of locals school divisions and agencies.

Our Goals

  • Increase significantly the number of students who will become STEM teachers in Virginia and across the country.
  • Develop outstanding STEM teachers who will make a positive impact on their students.
  • Promote mathematics, science, and technology in the community and improve the quality of STEM education in local schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MonarchTeach program?

MonarchTeach is a program targeted for undergraduate mathematics, science, or technology majors who are interested in expanding their professional skills and exploring a career in secondary teaching. Most students can graduate in four years with a degree in his or her content area as well as obtain licensure as a highly qualified teacher. The program emphasizes field-based experiences early and throughout your college career.

Who are MonarchTeach students?

MonarchTeach students are Old Dominion University undergraduate mathematics, science, and technology majors who are interested in expanding their professional skills and exploring a career in secondary teaching.

What are the special resources devoted to MonarchTeach students?

MonarchTeach students enjoy program-specific options to support their academic work. Within a community of like-minded students, the MonarchTeach program provides resources such as program-specific classrooms, customized advising, a dedicated workspace equipped with technology tools, and a well-supported student organization. In addition, MonarchTeach students will be eligible for scholarships and paid internships with educational organizations in the community.

Will I graduate with a complete degree in science or mathematics and be able to go into a science- or mathematics-based profession if I decide not to pursue a teaching career?

Yes. A graduate from MonarchTeach will be able to pursue professional options in either his or her content area or in teaching.

How does MonarchTeach differ from other teacher preparation programs?

Field experience components start with the first class, Step 1, and continue throughout the program giving students a wide variety of classroom experiences. Students get a chance to learn professional skills and explore teaching early in their college careers to decide if this is an option as a future profession. The close and constant support by master teachers, mentor teachers, and ODU faculty members is a unique facet of this program, as are designated resources devoted to MonarchTeach students.

Can I enter the MonarchTeach program if I am not a freshman or sophomore?

Yes, but it might delay your graduation. MonarchTeach courses are new to ODU with one course being implemented each semester starting in Fall 2013. Thus, if you start the program in Fall 2013 or later, you will not be able to complete the program until Spring 2017. So, while you do not have to be a freshman or sophomore to start the program in Fall 2013 or later, you should be aware of the planned implementation schedule for MonarchTeach courses and the delays it may cause in your academic plans.

Do the MonarchTeach courses meet the state licensure requirements for teaching?

The Virginia Department of Education endorses the MonarchTeach program to prepare highly qualified teachers to meet state and federal guidelines.

Are the Praxis I and II and other tests required during the MonarchTeach program?

Yes. The Praxis I test is required early in the program, and Praxis II and VCLA tests are required before you take Apprentice Teaching. The coursework in the program prepares a student to take these last two exams that are part of the teacher licensure process. (Please note that a student who graduates from the program is not automatically certified to teach, as is true for all degrees leading to teaching licensure.) For more information on the licensure and testing requirements, contact Teacher Education Services.

How will I be supported in school-based experiences?

Master teachers, mentor teachers, and university faculty are part of the school-based experiences. Before, during, and after teaching, students are offered feedback and support as they plan, practice, and reflect upon their lessons.

Will I be required to complete a student teaching experience?

Yes. This cumulative field experience, known as Apprentice Teaching, is completed during the last semester prior to graduation. Apprentice-level MonarchTeach students are placed in a middle or high school classroom with a licensed teacher for the semester. (Students must complete the state licensing; the staff in Teacher Education Services will help them through this process.)

How do I sign up for MonarchTeach?

You begin by taking two one-credit introductory courses, Step 1 and Step 2. Following the successful completion of Step 2, you willl formally apply to join the MonarchTeach program. At that point, you become part of the MonarchTeach family and are eligible for the scholarships and paid internships available only to MonarchTeach students.

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