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Aerial shot of campus showing Kaufman Mall, Webb Center and the quad in the background

Senators by College

Arts & Letters

Fran Hassencahl (2023-25), fhassenc@odu.edu

Drew Lopenzina (2023-25), alopenzi@odu.edu

James Michael Hall (2023-25), jhall@odu.edu

Kenneth Fitzgerald (2023-25), kfitzger@odu.edu

Michael Carhart (2023-25), mcarhart@odu.edu

Jesse Richman (2023-25), jrichman@odu.edu

Mica Deckard (2023-25), mdeckard@odu.edu

Nicole Willock (2023-25), nwillock@odu.edu

Elizabeth Black (2023-25), eblack@odu.edu

Amy Milligan (2023-25), amilliga@odu.edu

Strome College of Business

Ling Tuo (2023-25), ltuo@odu.edu

David Selover (2023-25), dselover@odu.edu

Chuanyi Tang (2023-25), ctang@odu.edu

Wie Yusuf (2023-25), jyusuf@odu.edu

Anil Nair (2023-25), anair@odu.edu

Larisa Bulysheva (2023-25), lbulyshe@odu.edu

Finance- Vacant


Nina Brown (2023-25), nbrown@odu.edu

Corrin Gillis (2023-25), cgillis@odu.edu

Dennis Gregory (2023-25), dgregory@odu.edu

Selena Layden (2023-25), slayden@odu.edu

Yonghee Suh (2023-25), ysuh@odu.edu

Elizabeth Burns (2023-25), eburns@odu.edu

Engineering & Technology

Chunqi Jiang (2022-24), cjiang@odu.edu

Gary Schafran (2022-24), gschafra@odu.edu

Pilar Pazos (2022-24), mpazosla@odu.edu

Steve Hsiung (2022-24), shsiung@odu.edu

Sebastian Bawab (2022-24), sbawab@odu.edu

Health Sciences

Leslie Hoglund (2022-24), lhoglund@odu.edu

Eric Schussler (2022-24), eschussl@odu.edu

Janice Hawkins (2022-24), jhawkins@odu.edu

Denise Claiborne (2022-24), dclaibor@odu.edu

Patrick Sachs (2022-24), psachs@odu.edu


David Burdige (2022-24), dburdige@odu.edu

Tatyana Lobova (2022-24), tlobova@odu.edu

Lee Land (2022-24), lcland@odu.edu

Ivan Ash (2022-24), iash@odu.edu

Jennifer Poutsma (2022-24), jradkiew@odu.edu

Perry Nerem (2022-24), mnerem@odu.edu

Desh Ranjan (2022-24), dranjan@cs.odu.edu


Lucy Wittkower (2022-24) lrush@odu.edu

Research Faculty

Mia Joe (2022-24) mjoe@odu.edu

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