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Department of Computer ScienceTransfer Checklist

Computer Science Graduates

Transfer Checklist

Transferring to a four-year university is an exciting time. We also know that completing your degree is your next step. Here, we will go over a checklist that will be helpful when transferring over to our BSCS program.

Do you need an overview about transferring over to ODU?

We are here to help you continue your journey towards the next step in your educational career. If you have more general questions about transferring, please check out the ODU transfer page.

General Transfer Information

Know how to use Degree Works

Degree Works is how you keep track of the completion of your degree. Here is some key information you should know.

  1. Learn how to use Degree Works

    You may access Degree Works through the my.odu.edu portal using your Midas credentials. The tool pulls the academic information available to ODU through our database, and populates a degree requirement summary for your intended or declared major. It is the responsibility of the student to verify that the data is current.

  2. Complete any missing information

    Incomplete information should be provided to the proper ODU office for data population.

  3. Check if there is any incorrect information

    Incorrectly applied information should be communicated to your advisor.

  4. Review your Program Progress status bar

    The Program Progress status bar is right above the legend. This will show how far you are from completing your degree. The BSCS degree will be conferred when the status reaches 100%.

Make a Degree Plan

Planning your current classes for the upcoming semesters at ODU is a necessity to completing your degree on time. Here is some useful information for creating a Degree Plan.

Helpful Resources

  1. Ask your advisor

  2. Use the course catalog for that year

  3. Review the 4-year plan guide

  4. View the prerequisite structure

Transferring Credits

Credits show what you accomplish and achieve in your previous academics. Determining your valid credits will help smooth the transition to our BSCS program.

  1. Evaluating credits from VCCS or 4-year university

    Courses that are a part of VCCS or 4-year university will have an evaluation on record. This includes in-state and out-of-state universities. The course will be equivalent to a specific course(s) at ODU, or will be awarded elective credit (ELE).

  2. Courses that are awarded elective (ELE) credit

    The courses that are awarded ELE credits have been evaluated and determined to have no ODU course equivalency or have not been previously evaluated by a department at ODU.

  3. Requesting a reevaluation of an ELE credit

    Student who suspect that a course transferred to ODU (TP) with an ELE equivalency may request an evaluation. The evaluation must be performed by the Department that offers the course, and the result will be:

    • ODU course equivalency for all students
    • Waiver of a degree requirement for a single student

    To request a reevaluation, please complete the Undergraduate Transfer Equivalency Form.

Transferring with Community College Degree

Earned Associates of Science

  1. Official Transcript

    An official transcript is accepted by ODU with a "Degree Awarded" designation and date. Note: Students who apply to ODU prior to conferment of the degree will need to provide another official transcript.

  2. Degree Works

    Lower Division General Education Requirements have to be completed:

    The Nature of Science

    Satisfied by two consecutive courses in:

    • Biology
    • Geology
    • Oceanography
    • Physics
    • Chemistry

    Technical Elective

    Satisfied by science courses that do not fulfill Nature of Science.

    Written Communication Part I & II

    Satisfied by TP credits for English Composition I & II.

  3. 4-Year Degree Plan

    View our example 4-year program to see what may come next.

    How will my course plan look if I start in Math 211?

Earned Associates of Computer Science

In addition to all of the above, here is further information for students with an Associates of Computer Science degree.

  1. Degree Works

    Courses that need to be satisfied:

    • CS 150: Laboratory work required. Introduction to computer-based problem solving and programming in C++.
    • CS 170: Fundamentals of the architecture and operation of modern computers.
    • CS 250: Laboratory work required. Design issues arising in software systems and C++ programming techniques aiding in their solution.
    • CS 270: Fundamentals of the architecture and operation of modern computers.
    • CS 252: Introduction to UNIX for Programmers
  2. 2+2 Degree Plan

    I earned an AS in CS degree, how long will it take for me to complete the BSCS?

    The VCCS agreement leads to a 2+2 program for most students. Here is the degree plan for students entering ODU with an AS in CS. This assumes completion of CS 252 in the summer prior to the Junior Year.

    Junior Year

    First Term

    Second Term

    CS 315 1 CS 330 3

    CS 361


    CS 350


    CS 381


    CS 390


    CS 300T


    CS elective 1


    Math 316


    STAT 330


    Tech Elective 1


    Credit Hour



    Senior Year

    First Term

    Second Term

    CS 410


    CS 411W


    CS elective 2


    CS Elective 3


    CS 417


    CS 355


    Tech Elective 2


    CS 471


    Option D 1


    Option D 2


    Credit Hour



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Hello, I'm the Coordinator for the Tech Talent Transfer Initiatives. If there are questions about transferring, I'm here to help! Feel free to email me at cyost@odu.edu.

Christopher Yost


Tech Talent Transfer Initiatives

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