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Antigone being prepared for burial in the Burial at Thebes play.


At its core, advising exists to help you understand the academic requirements of your chosen degree.

But at ODU, it is more than "what do I need to take." Advising is a one-on-one experience that gives you the chance to talk with a professional in your discipline. It can help you solidify your career choice, aim you towards internship opportunities, and give you someone to talk to about how you might advance beyond the university.

Yet, that pesky "what do I need to take" is often one of the trickiest things -- and advisors can help you navigate all the requirements.

Remember, at the core of advising is advice. It is your responsibility as a student to understand your catalog and your requirements, not your advisors. So be pro-active. Ask questions. Double check. And stay on top of your Degreeworks. It is YOUR degree.

Find your advisor

The first thing you must do to declare a Theatre Major or minor is make an appointment with the Chief Departmental Advisor (CDA).

The CDA is Meredith Magoun. She will assign you a departmental advisor who will work with you during your time at ODU. Drop her an email and indicate that you wish to be a Theatre Major!

Meredith Magoun

Chief Departmental Advisor (CDA) 2023-2024


Will assign new majors to departmental advisors.

Will perform a final check of your requirements for graduation.

Will review transfer of courses from other institutions.

Will advise Theatre Education Majors.

Jim Lyden

Theatre Advisor


After assignment by the CDA:

Will advise Design & Technology Emphases.

Chris Hanna

Theatre Advisor


After assignment by the CDA:

Will advise Performance Emphases

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