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Theatre at ODU

The Theatre Program at Old Dominion is designed to develop unrecognized talent in our students. We believe that the true potential of any artist, technician, or scholar only emerges where they enjoy three foundations to creative growth.

  • Students must be stretched to their creative limits within a setting of complete trust and support.
  • Faculty members must deserve the respect of their students, both as artists and as individuals.
  • Both students and faculty members must together push themselves and enjoy themselves.

Our focus on these foundations sets Theatre at ODU apart from many programs nationally. We are not the right fit for all students, and do not try to be. Our Program is made up of a friendly, wildly diverse group of approximately one hundred individuals. We don't copy the institutionalized formats of larger programs but, instead, adapt to the shifting needs of our current students.

Happily, through the unique expertise of our faculty and guest artists, we provide the rigorous training and career connections necessary to compete professionally. We are proud of that accomplishment and our alumni have strong track records on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and regional stages. More importantly, we provide our students the means to discover their authentic talents within a time-honored art form. Regardless of background or career choice, that discovery lasts a lifetime.


ODURep is the production arm of the Old Dominion University Theatre Program. The goal of ODURep is to give a voice to student and professional artists as we create theatre together for the Hampton Roads community.

2022-2023 Season

Tag: You're It!

October 5-7 | 12-15, 7:30 p.m.
October 16 | 2:00 p.m.

Directed by Brittney S. Harris
Produced by ODURep

Goode Theatre, 4601 Monarch Way
Free Parking: Constant Center Garage, 1060 W 45th St.

Tag You're It! is a joyful, heartening, empowering work directed by Brittney S. Harris. Tag: You're It! is an interactive, ensemble-based piece of performance art utilizing the Boalian technique of Image Theatre. An ensemble cast will create and devise original text, literature, poetry, rap, choreography, and more to explore issues of individualism, unmasking/unveiling of freedom, creative self-expression through performance, exploration, resistance, and protest. The collective ensemble will culminate in creating a living "mural" that will live on in the minds of audience members long afterwards.


November 10-12 and 16-19 | 7:30 p.m.
November 20 | 2:00 p.m.

Directed by Chris Hanna
Produced by ODURep

Goode Theatre, 4601 Monarch Way
Free Parking: 3rd floor and up, Constant Center North Garage, 1060 W 45th St.

Like any thriller classic, Shakespeare's masterpiece bends with time, always adjusting to the frights that haunt current minds. This fast-moving production - 90 minutes total - is full of sudden twists and mind-bending turnarounds. While highly entertaining, it will toss the audience smack into the uncertainties of daily living, where anxieties mangle our senses and sudden violence can erupt anywhere. Any time.
In the piercing words of Shakespeare's ungodly witches: 'something wicked this way comes.'

Artemis, I

Feb 23-25 | March 1-4, 7:30 p.m.

March 5 | 2:00 p.m.

Directed by Deborah Wallace
Produced by ODURep

Goode Theatre, 4601 Monarch Way
Free Parking: Constant Center Garage, 1060 W 45th St.

What is the value of one human life? How much of our humanity are we willing to sacrifice for Glory and the spoils of war? Civilization must begin with Justice, but to those being sacrificed, is slaughter ever just?

Written and directed by Deborah Wallace, Artemis, I is an updated re-telling of the Greek story of Iphigenia that begins with the crimes of Agamemnon against the Goddess Artemis. Although boldly contemporary in design and tone, this performance proves that audiences in 400 BC asked the same questions that haunt us today.

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