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University Web & Digital Communication

Who We Are

University Web & Digital Communication is a team of communication professionals and digital storytellers who combine an extensive knowledge of communication and marketing with Web and other digital technologies. As part of University Strategic Communication & Marketing, we work side-by-side with University Marketing & Branding, University Design & Publications, the University Editor and Public Affairs to promote and protect the University's reputation, brand and culture through cohesive and integrated strategies and tactics. Our primary mission is to provide leadership and strategic direction in the use of the University's website and other digital resources to promote the University and deliver the University brand and culture to our vast external and internal audiences.

In addition to setting the overall website presence and strategy for the University, we foster communication and cooperation among the University's digital communicators. We serve as liaisons between campus colleges, departments and office and the Web-related services offered by Information Technology Services. We established and chair the Adobe CQ Users Group, a University-wide website content users group, and provide guidance, coordination and strategic consultation for digital communication and initiatives, University-wide.

What We Do

Website & Digital Strategy & Branded Storytelling
  • Provide leadership and strategy for the University's website and other digital communication tools such as social media channels and the University's mobile application.
  • Create, evaluate, maintain and update the University homepage and other "University-level" pages and content.
  • Develop fresh and creative content for the University homepage.
  • Update key University-level pages to ensure optimum placement in directed and organic searches.
  • Perform research and analysis through site reviews, usability testing, online surveys and website analytics, utilizing the analysis to maximize digital potential and promote positive and effective messages about the University.
Web Content Management
  • Set standards for and direct the development of the University's Web content management system (WCMS).
  • Provide WCMS training for departmental content managers.
  • Serve as primary Web team liaisons with departmental content managers.
  • Serve as primary customer relations for external and internal website users.
Website Standards
  • Develop website standards based on University strategy, University communication and marketing strategy, Web and digital communication strategy and current Web best practices.
  • Communicate and enforce developed website standards.
  • Direct the website design - test, evaluate and effect changes to the website design to align with current strategies and Web best practices.
  • Evaluate and protect the website's established information architecture.
Social Media
  • Raise awareness about Old Dominion's teaching, research and service and increase brand loyalty and engagement through social media.
  • Create, oversee and maintain the University's main presences on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr and other emerging and future social media platforms.
  • Provide guidelines and training for other University units that wish to establish and maintain a presence on social media.
  • Foster communication and cooperation among the various departments maintaining social media presences across the University to provide a strategic approach and consistent messaging.
Online Marketing
  • Identify the need for, design and create content for marketing subsites and microsites to support strategic marketing initiatives.
  • Provide coding expertise for the creation of these sites and/or provide leadership to the Web Development team in Information Technology Services in the creation of these sites.
  • Evaluate current subsites and microsites for effectiveness and make and/or coordinate adjustments as needed.
Emergency Communication
  • Provide strategic direction and recommendations for effective communication in the case of a crisis.
  • Provide critical information to internal and external constituencies via the University website, social media and other digital platforms in the event of a crisis situation.
  • Serve as the communication liaison with the Web Development team in Information Technology Services during a crisis situation.


Director of Web & Digital Strategy

University Social Media Manager


Web Communication Specialist


Digital Media Specialist


Website & Online Content

New ODU Website Interactive

The ODU website is centrally managed with distributed maintenance. The University employs a web content management system to provide functionality and facilitate maintenance. This section also addresses other systems that deliver online content.

Social Media


All social media presences bearing the ODU name, logos or other trademarks must be vetted through University Web & Digital Communication and follow guidelines to ensure consistent, accurate and positive portrayal of the University.

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