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Mobile Monarch Notebook Program

Become a Mobile Monarch when you purchase one of these computers from the University Village Bookstore. Mobile Monarch notebooks are specially selected to meet ODU's computing requirements and get you through your academic career.

Benefits of Purchasing a Mobile Monarch Notebook

Discount Pricing

Apple and Dell notebooks purchased through the Mobile Monarch program include ODU's higher education discount.

On-Campus Repair

University Village Bookstore is conveniently located, with an on-campus repair center. Most service on Mobile Monarch notebooks can be done at our service center. We even have loaner notebooks that are available to students while repairs are being made.

Quality = Peace of Mind

Mobile Monarch notebooks are built with high quality components designed to last for 4+ years.

Notebook Warranty Options

Apple notebooks are offered with the option of a 1 year manufacturer warranty or 3 year AppleCare+ warranty. Dell notebooks are offered with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Safeware Protection Plans are available for 4 years.

Additional coverage can be purchased through Safeware Protection plans; either 2 years or 4 years with 1 year of theft coverage.

Warranty Information

Mobile Monarch Models

Mobile Monarch computers are selected every year and made available through the Monarch Techstore at the University Village Bookstore. For a list of specs and prices for this year's models, click here.

Mobile Monarch FAQ

What types of notebooks are offered?

The two recommended notebook vendors are Apple and Dell. Each vendor offers models that meet the minimum requirements of the University as well as higher-end models. Some departments may recommend a particular vendor or model for students enrolled in their program.

Recommended notebooks change as computer models are updated. Check with the Techstore at the University Village Bookstore for the latest list of notebooks in the Mobile Monarch program.

Who is eligible to participate in the Mobile Monarch program?

Any new or current ODU student is eligible to purchase a notebook from the University Village Bookstore. Faculty and Staff may also participate by presenting their ODU ID card.

What if I already own a notebook or desktop computer?

Students may bring non-program notebooks on campus if that notebook meets the minimum standards set by the University. The suitability and operation of a non-program notebook is the full responsibility of the student. Non-program notebooks are eligible for limited technical support, and it is the responsibility of the student to purchase and load the recommended academic software.

What if I am a part-time student?

Part-time students are also eligible to participate.

Are there other notebook requirements at ODU outside of the Mobile Monarch Program?

Some schools and degree programs have their own specific notebook requirements separate from Mobile Monarch. Contact your department to determine the particular details of your program's requirement before purchasing a computer.

When should I buy a notebook?

We recommend ordering by the end of July before you enter the Fall Semester. You can also purchase your notebook when you arrive on campus from the University Village Bookstore.

Why can't I just go to my closest retail store and buy a $300 computer?

You can, but beware; it may not be the best investment for your academic needs. Mobile Monarch notebooks are built with the student in mind and are designed to last for 4+ years. Mobile Monarch computers are typically business class systems with high quality components and features that ensure a safe and reliable computing environment.

How do I get a copy of Microsoft Office for my notebook?

All current ODU students can download and use the latest version of Microsoft Office for free. Find download links and more information here.

Can faculty/staff also purchase Mobile Monarch computers?

ODU Faculty and Staff are eligible to participate with our Dell and Apple partners. A full catalog of products and accessories is available at discounted prices.


What are the prices for Mobile Monarch notebooks?

Current pricing information is available here.

Is there financial aid available to help me purchase a notebook?

Yes. Eligible students who have received a financial aid award notification and a refund check may use their refund toward the purchase of a notebook computer.

For more information on applying for financial aid, visit the Office of Financial Aid web site.

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes, the University Village Bookstore partners with PayPal to offer payments plans. The PayPal payment plans are only available on the bookstore's website at shopodu.com. When you select a specific computer on the bookstore's website, you will see a line with the PayPal logo directly below the price of the computer. Click on "Learn more" to see payment options. PayPal offers 4 interest-free payments every 2 weeks over a 6-week period. Click on "See other way to pay over time" on the PayPal information page to see PayPal Credit options. All payment options are subject to credit approval. PayPal payment plans are not available in store.

Warranty and Repair Services

Will the notebooks have a warranty?

Apple notebooks are offered with the option of a 1 year standard warranty or 3 year AppleCare+ warranty. Dell notebooks are offered with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Safeware Protection Plans are available for Apple and Dell computers. Safeware provides coverage up to the cost of the device and includes 1 year of theft coverage ($100 deductible).

Notebook batteries are excluded from AppleCare+ and Safeware coverage; batteries for Apple and Dell have a 1 year warranty beginning from the time of purchase.

What about protection against accidental damage for my Dell or Apple notebook?

3 year AppleCare+ extends coverage to 3 years from purchase date and adds up to 2 incidents of accidental damage coverage, each subject to a service fee of $99 for screen damage or external enclosure damage, or $299 for any other damage.

Safeware covers manufacturer defects and accidental damage up to the purchase price of the device.

Cosmetic damage is not covered by either plan.

What about theft or fire insurance?

AppleCare+ excludes theft, loss or damage due to fire or intentional acts.

Safeware provides theft coverage for 1 year from purchase date. Notebook computer must be registered with Safeware for theft coverage. Safeware requires a copy of a police report for a theft and there is a $100 deductible.

Students (and parents) are encouraged to contact their current insurance provider to ask about covering the notebook under their current homeowner's or renter's insurance.

Will I be able to get my notebook repaired on campus?

Yes, there is an on-campus service center at the University Village Bookstore.

What do I do if my notebook needs repairs?

Any student with a Mobile Monarch notebook may bring their computer to the on-campus service center for repair. A limited number of loaner notebooks will be available for students whose notebooks are being repaired.

How can I get my notebook repaired when I am away from campus?

If you need your notebook repaired during the summer or whenever you are away from campus, you can contact your manufacturer directly for support.

AppleCare Tech Support: 800-800-2775
Local Authorized Service centers (by zip code): http://www.apple.com/buy/locator/service/
Genius Bar (by appointment): http://www.apple.com/retail/geniusbar/

Dell (on-site support available)
Tech Support: 800-274-7799 (use express service code on bottom of system)
Website: http://support.dell.com

Phone: 1-800-800-1492
Website: www.safeware.com/myclaim

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