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Transfer Centers

Meet us where you are for one-on-one assistance

At Old Dominion University we understand that as a transfer student, you have unique needs that require a wide array of campus resources. ODU is here to assist you with your transition to the university. The services and programs offered to you as a Monarch are endless so take advantage of every opportunity.

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Services Provided:

Admission application assistance

Financial aid assistance

Transfer credit assistance

Advising assistance

Transfer Pathway assistance

Transitional Programming

Pre-Transfer Advising Appointments

Pre-advising is for prospective students only. Newly admitted and current students, please make an appointment with your advisor.

Click here for the Directory of Advisors.

If you have questions, please email transfercenters@odu.edu for advising assistance or admissions@odu.edu for admissions assistance, as we will respond to emails during open university business hours Monday - Friday.

Schedule your appointment with one of our Pre-Transfer Advisors today!

Main Campus Norfolk Transfer Center:

Choose a pre-transfer advisor by major:

Arts and Letters Tania Black, schedule your appointment

Business Tania Black, schedule your appointment

Cybersecurity Tamara Barnes, schedule your appointment

Education Raychel Smithson, schedule your appointment

Engineering Tamara Barnes, schedule your appointment

Health Sciences Raychel Smithson, schedule your appointment

Sciences Tania Black, schedule your appointment

Peninsula Transfer Center (VPCC transfer student specialization):

  • Stacy Dabney: Schedule your appointment here

ODUGlobal (fully online majors):

  • Complete the form at the bottom of the website here to connect with an enrollment coordinator who will answer your questions about online options and provide an unofficial transfer evaluation.

ODU Transfer Centers

Norfolk Main Campus


Norfolk Transfer Center

Student Success Center, Suite 1015
Norfolk, VA 23529
757-683-3699 (office)


Ask a Question

Phone: 1-800-968-2638 (toll-free) or 757-683-3163
Email: online@odu.edu

Learn about ODUGlobal transfer student assistance: https://online.odu.edu/info-transfer-students

Transferring Pass/Fail grades from Spring 2020

Will my class transfer and apply to general education and appropriate degree requirements if a grade of P/P+/P- is earned in spring 2020?

Classes earned with a P and P+ grades will receive the equivalent transfer credits, therefore, they will apply to equivalent general education and departmental requirements.

P- grades will not receive transfer credit, thus will not apply to departmental requirements and will only apply to general education if a student completed an associate degree that fulfills the requirements of eligibility for the lower-division general education waiver.

How will a grade of P/P+/P- be calculated towards my GPA for admissions?

Grades of P/P+/P- are not calculated in a GPA.

How will a grade of P/P+/P- on a spring course impact me if I am applying to a competitive major? Or my major requires a grade of B or higher in the course?

If you have a choice of a letter grade (A or B) or P/P+, consult with your advisor. In general, if you have a grade (A or B) it will probably look better on your transcript to have the letter grade, because a P could mean anything from D- on up depending on the institution, a P+ can mean anything from a C on up, and a P- can mean anything from a D- to a C-.

If you are considering a licensure program, graduate school, or a professional program, please discuss with an academic advisor or a program director.

If you do not have a choice of a letter grade or P grade, please consult with your advisor upon transfer to discuss how it will affect your individual situation.

How will a grade of P/P+/P- transfer to ODU?

P and P+ grades will receive the equivalent transfer course credit. P- will not receive transfer credit.

If I earn a grade of P/P+/P- on a spring course that is a pre-requisite course for a course in my major, will I still be able to enroll in that course?

P and P+ grades will receive the equivalent transfer course credit, therefore they fulfill the pre-requisites and you are eligible to enroll in the next class.

How will a grade of P+/P- impact eligibility for the VCCS Transfer Grant?

It does not affect because P grades do not affect GPA; GPA counted for transfer grant will be the GPA recorded before Spring 2020 for VCCS students. I or F grades may have an impact on eligibility; please check with a Financial Aid counselor.

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