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Internships are designed to provide students with an opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge and experience in professional settings. All students majoring in criminal justice and sociology are guaranteed an internship through the University's Career Advantage Program.

Before interning, students must be either juniors or seniors with a grade point average of at least 2.0. Students are allowed to complete a maximum of 6 credits which can be applied to their major. Up to 6 (additional) credits can also be applied as electives towards graduation. In most instances, an internship is taken for 3 credits.

This course is available for Pass/Fail grading only.

All students enrolled in the internship course are required to:

  • Complete a resume and have it approved by the Career Management Center
  • Submit a learning contract
  • Volunteer for a specific number of hours
  • Keep a time sheet
  • Keep an internship journal
  • Complete a research paper

For internship information, please contact:

Melvina Sumter

  • NORFOLK, VA 23529
  • 757-683-3812
  • msumter@odu.edu

Kathleen Slauson-Blevins

  • NORFOLK, VA 23529
  • 757-683-3791
  • kslauson@odu.edu

Internship Process & Requirements Internship Opportunities

Departmental Honors

Students majoring in Sociology or Criminal Justice have the chance to earn departmental honors. This program is designed to provide undergraduate students who are excelling in their studies an opportunity for more advanced studies in their major field including the opportunity to work independently with department faculty.

Undergraduate students who complete the program earn the designation of departmental honors on their diplomas.

Requirements for Departmental Honors in Sociology and Criminal Justice:

Students must have:

  1. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25
  2. A minimum GPA in the major of 3.50
  3. Completion of at least two 300- and 400-level contract* honors courses
  4. Completion of at least 60 credit hours at Old Dominion University, 54 of which must be in grade-point graded courses.

*Students interested in taking a course as a contract honors course, must first obtain an Application for Honors Course Designation from the Honors College office. The professor and the student mutually agree on extra work or activities for honors designation, fill out the short application, obtain the Chair's approval and return the document to the Honors College office. The student is responsible for returning the completed document.

As soon as possible after the final exam, the Honors College will contact the professor about the grade (students must earn a B or better to earn honors designation). The Honors College will then be responsible for arranging for the Registrar to have the course title assigned a prefix of "Honors" on the transcript.


The final step in earning departmental honors is the application. By mid-term of their final semester, students must submit a formal application for departmental honors to the Honors College.

Students interested in earning departmental honors should contact the Honors College (Education, room 218) for more information.

Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice Undergraduate Student Award

Ashley Fudala accepting the outstanding undergraduate student in sociology award. Congatulations Ashley!

Ashley is pictured with Department of Sociology & Criminal Justice Chair Mona Danner and Professor Dana Heller.

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