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Campus Traditions

The University Seal

Legend has it that you should never walk across the University Seal located on Kaufman Mall. If you do so, you will never graduate from Old Dominion University.

Spirit Fridays

A word of mouth tradition that eventually was enacted by President Roseann Runte and resolved by the Student Senate. All members of the University community are asked to wear either school colors (blue and silver) or ODU apparel every Friday regardless if they are on or off-campus.

Members of the Spirit Team will be randomly sent out throughout campus on certain Fridays rewarding those who observe this tradition with a prize. If you are "caught" wearing ODU colors or apparel, you might just win a prize; so be sure to wear ODU colors or apparel every Friday!


This week-long celebration represents our Monarch Pride! Homecoming includes events such as Monarch Day, Painting Paws on Kaufman Mall, a parade around campus, and a football game!

Ice Cream and Cake

During ODU Basketball and Football games, be sure to take part in a one of a kind cheer/dance. You can see how ODU does the Ice Cream and Cake.

Activity Hour

Activity Hour provides students with a fun and exciting time on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30pm - 1:30pm. During this time, there are no classes on campus. It is a great time for Student Organization Meetings, Lunch, and just a time to take a break!

Rub the Belly

In the Lobby of Webb Center, there is a Bronze Statue of our Mascot, Big Blue. If you ever need good luck, "Rub the Belly!"

Dominion Rock

Dominion Rock, also know as the pride rock, arrived at Old Dominion in 2017. This "canvas" is an avenue of expression for students to show school spirit. Student groups or individual students can paint a message or symbols promoting a particular cause or event. Some examples include; organization events, giving a friend a birthday shoutout, or even just displaying art. Students are encouraged to paint the rock before they graduate.

Reign On Banner

During the 2019 football season with the opening of a new stadium, the Reign On banner was introduced. During the 3rd quarter, a large banner is raised through the student section to help show Monarch Pride.

Reign the Mermaid

"Reign," ODU's mermaid, connects University students and alumni to Norfolk by celebrating the city's symbol. It is part of Norfolk's Mermaids Around Town. Located at Brock Commons, you can claim your crown by taking a picture under Reign's crown.

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First Fridays

Get an inside look into your major of interest when you speak to professors and current students at our monthly First Friday events.

Freshman Orientation

Welcome to the Monarch Nation! Orientation will be hosted on-campus. Events include course selection and registration, an overview of resources and a preview of campus life.