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What is the Center for Major Exploration & Mane Connect Success Coaching?

The Center for Major Exploration (CME) assists students to choose a major and explore potential careers. Academic advisors collaborate with students to identify interests, skills, and abilities that translate into a major that best fits the individual student. Nationally, anywhere between 60 - 80% of college students change majors one or more times, so you are not alone. Contact us if you need help picking a major.

Mane Connect (MC) is a success-coaching program offered to select first-year students. Participating students will attend regular one-on-one meetings and workshops in the Fall and Spring semesters. Mane Connect provides personal, educational, academic, and career guidance. The goal is to help each student achieve their full potential and make the most of their first year at ODU. Take advantage of our program and Request a Coach or Refer a Student.

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The Center for Major Exploration & Mane Connect's Mission Is:

To contribute to student success in and outside the classroom by equipping students with the necessary skills to reach personal, social, academic, and professional goals. Success Coaches and Advisors are dedicated to helping you achieve academic success and gain clear career goals concerning your major.

Success Coaches & Advisors

Old Dominion University's (ODU) Center for Major Exploration and Mane Connect has a team of eleven eager Success Coaches/Academic Advisors who are ready to help you navigate your first year at ODU. You can expect our crew to support you in academic success and through any obstacle, life throws at you outside of the classroom (be sure to check out Brad's story under Student Testimonials for an example). We want you to get the most out of your college experience. Tap Meet The Coaches to get a mini introduction of our team, what each of us enjoys most about coaching, and more...

Meet The Coaches

Please tap the button below to Request a Coach if you weren't pre-selected for the program and would appreciate academic support.

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Are you a professor with a student you'd like to refer for coaching? Please tap the button below to Refer a Student.

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Click the button below to check out our list of Top 11 Resources for Success at ODU.

Top 11 Resources for Success

What's Success Coaching?

Coaches work one-on-one with first-year students to teach skills to help students maximize their college experience both inside and outside the classroom. Through regular meetings, students will establish goals and develop objectives to reach goals with their coach. Coaches will also promote the utilization of campus support services and student engagement on campus.

How Was I Selected?

First-year students are selected based on eligibility criteria.

How Long Are Coaching Sessions?

Individual sessions generally range from 20-30 minutes.

How Often Will I Meet With My Coach?

Students are required to meet with their coach regularly. Coaches work with students on determining how often that is based on student need. Every two weeks is a general rule.

Is this program mandatory?

While the program is not mandatory, Success Coaches seek to help students in all aspects of college success.

I told my roommate about this program, and now he/she wants a success coach. How can my roommate be a part of Mane Connect?

At this time, coaching is limited to pre-selected students. However, students requesting additional support are encouraged to contact the Mane Connect coaching office for an appropriate referral.

How did I get matched to my coach?

Students are assigned coaches at random.

What will my coach and I talk about?

Coaching meetings are individualized and vary based on student needs and personal goals.

Will my parents be informed of what I discuss during my coaching sessions?

No. Due to FERPA regulations, coaches are not permitted to share information discussed in coaching sessions with parents. If you want your parents to be invovlved, contact your coach.

Who are the coaches?

Check out our coaches by clicking here.

How do I schedule n appointment with my coach?

You can call the Mane Connect office at 757-683-4805 or email your coach directly. Appointments can also be made using your coach's availability link.

How do I know if I will get an advisor and a success coach?

First-year students who are undecided in their major will work with an academic advisor/success coach. Upperclassmen who are undecided will work only with an academic advisor.

What happens if I don't make my coaching appointment or need to reschedule?

The coaching office requires at least 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule appointments. This helps to ensure your peers can have access to vacant time slots and coach calendars are accurate.

Mane Connect

1500 Webb University Center

Norfolk, VA 23529

757-683-4805 (phone)


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Student Testimonials

Meet Nirlange:

She is a first-generation college student who needs help navigating the unknowns of higher education and how to afford it. Listen to this video to hear Nirlange explain how Success Coach Dr. Sherri Watson helped her breakthrough those struggles.

Meet Brad:

His father passed away his Senior year of high school and struggled to see a future for himself, even after beginning his college career at ODU. Check out Brad's video to hear how his Success Coach helped him stay motivated and focused.

Meet Precious:

When Precious wasn't sure about taking on a new leadership role she sought advice from her Success Coach Allison, who was able to support Precious by reminding her, she could do whatever she put her mind to.

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