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Center for Quantitative Fisheries Ecology:Students

Visiting Scholars in Residence

Two master's students in the program have won Honorable Mention for Best Student Paper at the annual meeting of the American Fisheries Society. They were master's students who competed against Ph.D. students close to completion of their degrees.

Year Name Institution
2010 Sra. Silvia Pérez-Mayol IMEDEA - Institut Mediterrani d'Estudis Avancats, Spain.
2010 Ms. Caroline Reis Agrocampus, Rennes, France.
2009-2010 Dr. Miquel Palmer IMEDEA - Institut Mediterrani d'Estudis Avancats, Spain.
2009 Dr. Dayanand Naik Old Dominion University
2007-2009 Mr. Nuno Prista University of Lisboa, Portugal.

Previous Students

All students who have taken their degrees with Dr. Jones, or were supported by the program, have secured professional positions. Hiring was largely based on what was perceived by employers as a superior background in fisheries science and statistics.

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Year Name Accomplishments
2013-2014 Dr. Stacy Baez Stacy is now a senior associate at the Globle Shark Conservation of the Pew Charitable Trusts.
2005-2010; Research Associate 2010-2013 Dr. Jason Schaffler Jason is now a senior quantitative scientist at the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe.
2004-2006 Dr. Nathan Smith Nathan is now a research biologist at the Heart of the Hills Fisheries Science Center of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.
2001-2002; Research Associate 2003-Present Dr. Julian Ashford Julian is currently a Research Associate Professor at Old Dominion University.
1997, 2000-2002 Dr. Chris Reiss Chris is a Research Fishery Biologist & Oceanographer with NOAA.

Dr. Robyn Hannigan

She currently serves as the chair of the EEOS Department at UMass and is the Founding Dean of the School for the Environment. She is also an active researcher and entrepreneur.
1994-1996; Research Associate 1997-2000 Dr. Simon Thorrold
1992-1993 Dr. Anthony Fowler Dr. Fowler is an active researcher and chair of the South Australian Research and Development Institute.
1990-1991 Dr. Kent Carpenter Dr. Carpenter is a professor of Biological Sciences at Old Dominion University.

Ph.D. Students

Year Name Degree Area of Study Accomplishments
2017 Michael Schmidtke Ph.D. Oceanography Dr. Michael Schmidtke works for the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission as a Fishery Management Plan Coordinator
Current Kathleen Kirch Ph.D. Oceanography
Dismissed Antranig Ketchedjian Ph.D. Oceanography
2014 Kristen Anstead Ph.D. Oceanography Dr. Anstead has just accepted a position at the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission as a fishery scientist.
2012 Renee Reilly Ph.D. Oceanography Reneé is now a post-doctoral research associate at Michigan State University's Quantitative Fisheries Center. For more information about her current research, please visit her home page at MSU website.
2011 Joey Ballenger Ph.D. Oceanography Joey is currently a wildlife biologist with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.
2011 Stacy Beharry Ph.D. Oceanography Stacy is now a senior associate at the Goble Shark Conservation of the Pew Charitable Trusts.
2014 Nuno Prista Ph.D. University of Lisbon
Jennifer Martin Ph.D. Ecological Sciences
2003 Emmanis Dorval Ph.D. Ecological Sciences Emmanis is a Research Fishery Biologist with the Southwest Fisheries Science Center in La Jolla, California.
2002 Gretchen Bath Ph.D. Ecological Sciences (Thesis Advisor)
2001 Julian Ashford Ph.D. Ecological Sciences
2000 Brian Wells Ph.D. Ecological Sciences Brian is now with the Fisheries Ecology Division of the Southwest Fisheries Science Center in Santa Cruz, California.
1998 Kevin Piner Ph.D. Ecological Sciences Kevin is currently a Research Fishery Biologist with the Fisheries Resources Division of the Southwest Fisheries Science Center in La Jolla, California.

Master's Students

Year Name Degree Area of Study
2015 Kathleen Kirch Non-thesis M.S.
2014 Michael Schmidtke Non-thesis M.S. Oceanography
2012 Jason Ferguson M.S. Oceanography (co-chair)
2011 Scott Haga M.S. Oceanography
2008 William Thompson Non-thesis M.S. Oceanography
2008 Renee Reilly M.S. Oceanography
2006 Eric Robillard M.S. Oceanography
Withdrawn Barbara McClellan M.S. Ecological Sciences
2002 Summalee Hoskin M.S. Ecological Sciences
2002 Keith Jenkins M.S. Ecological Sciences
Withdrawn Jason Weaver M.S. Ecological Sciences
2000 Thomas Wasaff M.S. Ecological Sciences (Thesis Director)
1998 Emmanis Dorval M.S. Ecological Sciences (Fulbright Scholar)
1997 Julie Timm M.S. Ecological Sciences
1995 William Patterson M.S. Ecological Sciences
1994 Brian Wells M.S. Ecological Sciences
1993 Steve Nixon M.S. Ecological Sciences
1991 David Wade M.S. Ecological Sciences
1990 William Check Non-thesis M.S. Non-thesis M.S. ~ Oceanography
1990 Kelly Foster Non-thesis M.S. Non-thesis M.S. ~ Oceanography

Committee Member

Our director, Dr. Jones, served on the thesis advisory committee for the following students:

Year Degree Area of Study
Amanda Ackiss Current Ph.D. Ecological Sciences
Kevin Byron 2014 Ph.D. Withdrawn Ecological Sciences
Nuno Prista 2014 Ph.D. University of Lisbon
Rajan Lamichhane 2013 Ph.D. Mathematics and Statistics
S.H. Sathish Indicka 2010 Ph.D. Mathematics and Statistics
Heidi Mahon 2007 Ph.D. Ecological Sciences
Sherman Jones 2005 Ph.D. Ecological Sciences
Siriluck Jermjitpornchai 2005 Ph.D. Mathematics and Statistics
John Allsteadt 2003 Ph.D. Ecological Sciences
Chad Cross 2001 Ph.D. Ecological Sciences
Denice Robertson 2001 Ph.D. Ecological Sciences
Charles Acosta 1997 Ph.D. Ecological Sciences
Gung Soo Park 1997 Ph.D. Ecological Sciences
Shuhba Prabhala 1995 Ph.D. Mathematics and Statistics
Susan Lowerre 1994 Ph.D. Fisheries (VIMS)
Edward Sismour 1994 Ph.D. Fisheries (VIMS)
Luiz Barbieri 1993 Ph.D. Fisheries (VIMS)
Heeather Green 2006 M.S. Ecological Sciences
Keith Jenkins 2001 M.S. Ecological Sciences
Tom Dolan 2000 M.S. Ecological Sciences
Don Beringer 1998 M.S. Ecological Sciences
Parker Dodds 1997 M.S. Ecological Sciences (Posthumous)
Sarah Gaichas 1997 M.S. Fisheries (VIMS)
Cindy Cooksey 1996 M.S. Fisheries (VIMS)
Donna Kline 1996 M.S. Biology (U. California)
Richard Fulford 1995 Withdrawn Ecological Sciences
John March 1995 M.S. Ecological Sciences
John Seibel 1992 M.S. Ecological Sciences
Stephen Bobko 1992 M.S. Ecological Sciences
Greg White 1991 M.S. Biological Oceanography
Alan Friedlander 1988 M.S. Biological Oceanography
Martha Norris 1988 Withdrawn Biological Oceanography
Jay Woodward 1988 M.S. Biological Oceanography

Graduate Student Support

The following students did not study directly under our director Dr. Cynthia Jones. They were, however, supported to conduct research at the CQFE.

Name Degree Area of Study
Hassan Lakkis Ph.D. Mathematics & Statistics
Patrick Geer M.S. Biological Oceanography
Marcel Montaine M.S. Biological Oceanography
Amir Ethisham M.S. Biological Oceanography
S. Rajendra M.S. Computer Science
Sean Morrison M.S. Biology
Qing Yang M.S. Chemical Oceanography
Stephen Bobko M.S. Biology
John Kressel M.S. Physics
Jolene McDowell M.S. Education
Roxanne Carter M.S. Biology
Patrick Murphy M.S. Oceanography
Palavi Raviprakash M.S. Engineering
Srujan Baddam M.S. Computer Science
Kalid Qadwaitic M.S. Engineering
Akbar Khan M.S. Computer Science
Nakul Ramanna-Sanjeevaiah M.S. Engineering
Lakshmi Chaitanya M.S. Biology
Mahesh Phanibushan M.S. Engineering
Sita Atchyutumi M.S. Engineering
Caroline Ries M.S. Agrocampus Rennes, France

NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates

Name Degree Term
Freda Lundy Chemistry Summer 2000
Miako Ushio Biology Summer 2001
Melissa Watson Biology Summer 2001
Diana Guyton Biology Fall 2001-Spring 2002
Michelle Adams Biology Fall 2001-Spring 2002
Brad Hamilton Chemistry Summer 2002
Wat Hardin Biology Summer - Fall 2002
Scott Pluta Biology Summer 2003
Jonathan Pasma Biology Summer 2004
Renee Reilly Biology Summer 2005

Undergraduate Research and Training

Name Area of Study Term
Wesley Hinkle Biology 1988-1990
Robin Harrel Biology 1990
Tung Quach Biology 1991
Amy Glissan Health Science 1992
Naomi Sinor Geology 1993-1994
Barbara McClellan Biology 1994-1995
Jolene McDowell Biology 1998-2000
Jason Shumsky Biology 1999-2000
Jason Weaver Biology 2000-2001
Erick Larson Biology 2000-2003
Carol Papas Biology 2001
Maria Tanega Bioinformatics 2001
Roxanne Carter-Torres Biology 2001
Kathleen McNamee Biology 2001-2003
Mary Beil Biology 2001-2002
Stephanie Shaffer Biology 2001-2002
Dawn Kirzl Biology 2002-2003
Rebecca Taylor Biology 2002-2003
Susan McKeel Biology 2003-2004
Karen Underkoffler Biology 2002-2003
Mignonne Twine Biology 2004-2005
Laura McCaskill Biology 2004-2005
Billy Culver Biology 2006-2008
Meredith McPherson Biology 2006-2007
Sonya Phillips Oceanography 2006-2007
James Davies Oceanography 2007-2009
George Smith Oceanography 2009
Jessica Gilmore Oceanography 2009-2013
Rebekha Joyce Oceanography 2010-2012
Brandy Thompson Oceanography 2010-2013
Megan Matthews Biology 2010-2012
Tim Crowe Jr. Oceanography 2013
Allison Roberts Oceanography 2013-Present
Aris-Aja Horsey Oceanography 2013-Present
Bryanda Epps Oceanography 2013
Alicia Brown Oceanography 2014-Present

High School Student Research and Training

Caroline Meyers
Nathan Brunelle
Sebastien Pit
Navin Naik

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