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Center for Quantitative Fisheries Ecology:Publications

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Dr. Cynthia Jones

Dr. Cynthia M. Jones has authored hundreds of scientific publications over her long career. For a complete list of publications, visit her information site.

Dr. Hongsheng (Hank) Liao

Hank is an active researcher and manager of the Age and Growth lab. Every year, he edits the Chesapeake Bay Finfish Ageing and Population Report - instrumental to the management of Virginia's fisheries. Below are links to a few publications. For a complete list, click here or visit his CQFE information page.

Dr. Renee Reilly

As a graduate researcher with the CQFE, she was already working for the Virginia Marine Resources Commission in their Plans & Statistics Department as a Fisheries Management Specialist and was promoted to Supervisor of the Biological Sampling Program after graduating. She is currently a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Michigan State University's Quantitative Fisheries Center.

She is the recipient of multiple awards and fellowships. For more information including a copy of her C.V. visit her page at the Michigan State University Website. Below are two links to abstracts of some of her most recent published work.

Dr. Stacy Beharry-Baez

Dr. Beharry-Baez published many studies with the CQFE. Links to two abstracts are available below.

Dr. Kristen Anstead

Dr. Anstead is a chemist and statistician who completed her Ph.D. at ODU in record time. She is currently employed with the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Council in the Fisheries Science Program as a Stock Assessment Scientist.

Dr. Miquel Palmer

Dr. Palmer is a highly respected researcher who has published over 100 peer reviewed studies, articles and reports. He is currently a research scientist for the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (IMEDEA).

Dr. Nuno Prista

A lot of Dr. Prista's most recent research has been aimed at helping data poor fisheries, specifically with the use of seasonal ARIMA (autoregressive integrated moving average) models. Below you can find a few of his recent articles and reports, including a lecture video.

NOTE: The lecture in the video is presented in Portuguese, but the slides are in English.

Michael Schmidtke

Michael will receive his Ph.D. from the Oceanography department in December. Below is one of his most recent reports. For a full list of his most recent publications, visit our Graduate Research page.

Kathleen Kirch

Kathleen recently recieved her M.S. in Oceanography and is pursuing another master's degree in Statistics while she completes her Ph.D. in Oceanography.

Sra. Sílvia Pérez-Mayol

Sra. Pérez-Mayol specializes in chemical analysis of otoliths at IMEDEA and is an active researcher. She has contributed to papers about the human impact of population health in commercially exploited species.


VMRC Finfish Ageing Annual Reports

Each year, the CQFE publishes a report to the Virginia Marine Resources Commission called the Finfish Ageing Report. It contains ageing and growth data on local fish.


Otolith Preparation

Each species we study has a slightly different otolith processing method. Therefore, development of the best protocols for sectioning their otoliths is crucial to obtaining more accurate estimates of the fish ages. We use 3 different methods to process otoliths of different species as follows:

1. Baking and resin method

2. Resin only method

3. Crystalbond method

Scale Preparation

There are two advantages to using scales as ageing structures, no need to purchase a whole fish (reduce cost on data collection) and to sacrifice a fish.

Operculum Preparation

Fisheries biologists currently use opercula to age tautog because their scale ages are often unreliable and it is a challenge to section and age their otoliths.

Otolith Ageing

The annuli in the otoliths of each species must be read in a slightly different way. For example, Sciaenids have a more pronounced ostium anterior than those of say a bluefish (Pomatomidae) or a summer flounder (Paralichthyidae). Developing the best protocols means obtaining the most accurate age information. Below are the finfish ageing protocols currently in use at the CQFE.

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