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As the leaves change colors around campus, students are preparing for the final weeks of the fall semester. Photo Elise Penn/ODU Intern.


Shelley-Ann Jules-Plag

Shelley-Ann Jules-Plag

University Space Manager

Old Dominion University must manage its current assets to the best of our ability. Increasing the efficient use of existing space in order to accommodate expanding program needs is in the best interest of the institution.

- University Space Manager

Mission Philosophy

At Old Dominion University, facilities and space are viewed as an institutional asset and critical resource, which must be developed and managed in response to the institution's programs, goals and objectives.

Each vice president is responsible for the management and allocation of space within their area of responsibility as well as the development of requests for additional space for their departments and programs whether acquired by lease, purchase, or new construction. Each vice president is also responsible for reviewing, approving, and securing funding for requests for reconfigurations/renovations or reallocation in the facilities assigned to their organizational units or departments.

All requests for space planning involving reconfiguration/renovation or reallocation of space must be approved by the University Space Committee and duly reported to ensure accurate reporting of university space utilization to meet state requirements and inform future planning. To facilitate this objective all reconfiguration/renovation or reallocation should be submitted by using the appropriate Space Request Form.

The University Space Manager assists in the planning stages of all requests by providing historical data, identification of available space resources, programming advice and space and layout options. After approval from the University Space Management Committee, the University Space Manager determines the course of action to affect the proposed project, which may involve efforts by the Offices of Facilities Management for minor renovations, the Office of Design and Construction for major renovations and capital construction or the Real Estate Manager for leased facilities.

University Space Management Committee

In an effort to have distributed representation of the space needs of Old Dominion University, the University Space Management committee is comprised of the following:

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Executive Space Committee


Vice President for Student Engagement & Enrollment Services

Vice President for Administration & Finance

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Chair Members

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Members

Vice President for University Services & CIO

Vice President for Student Engagement & Enrollment Services

Vice President for Human Resources

Vice President for University Advancement

Vice President for Research

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Assistant Vice President of Facilities Management & Construction

Director of Athletics

Student Government Representative

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Office of Design and Construction

University Space Manager

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