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The U.S. Patent Office: What You Need to Know About IP

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03/11/2015 12:00 PM EST - 1:00 PM EST
Innovation Research Park 2 Conference Room (4211 Monarch Way)
Can you patent naturally occurring substances? How does intellectual property affect software patents? How does it affect diagnostics? Zandra Smith, a representative from the U.S. Patent Office will discuss these subjects and types of IP, the role of the USPTO in IP protection and patent protection time frames.

About the Presenter...

Zandra Smith, USPTO Examiner

Zandra Smith started at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in June 1996 as an examiner in Optical Measuring and Testing in Electrical Technology Center 2800. Prior to coming to USPTO, Zandra obtained a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Virginia Tech.

In 2005 Zandra became a trainer in the Patent Training Academy and trained new examiners when they were hired into the Patent Office. Later that same year she became a Supervisory Patent Examiner (SPE) in the semiconductor art area, where she supervised more than 20 examiners who worked a variety of patent applications related to semiconductors and the method of making semiconductors. As a supervisor she has had the opportunity to work on several projects within the TC and the Patent Corps. The projects include being the TC lead of the Diversity Council which helps plan Community Day and the TC2800 annual Taste of the TC, which is a highly attended gathering where the various cultures within the TC have an opportunity to share unique foods and drink.

Zandra has also worked on creating career development opportunities for the Patents Technical Support Staff and currently serves as the Transition Coordinator for TC2800 assisting new examiners in their move from the Training Academy to their home art unit.

Zandra enjoys cooking, reading and good wine. She lives in Virginia with her kids and her dog.

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