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Student working out inside Student Recreation Center.

Personal & Small Group Training

We have a variety of fitness training options to meet your personal needs and health goals. To get started, check out the training program below that is best suited for you!


If you have any questions, please email us at recwell@odu.edu.


Receive an individualized fitness program specifically designed for you. Our personal trainers deliver an efficient workout program with innovative ways to improve your health and fitness through instruction on correct form and technique. Each personal training package allows you and your trainer to set goals and a training plan to achieve them. Come train with us in person at the Student Recreation Center! This is a paid service.

Hire a Trainer:

  Monarch Try Pack or Individual Sessions:

  1. Fill out the inquiry form: Personal Training Inquiry Form
  2. Complete the Health History Form. Once completed, a member of the Fitness & Wellness team will review your paperwork and contact you to complete your registration.
  3. After being contacted by a Fitness & Wellness team member, click on the desired package title in the next tab to register on the Rec Well Portal.

  People Overcoming Obstacles with Exercise and Recreation (P.O.W.E.R.)

  1. Complete & submit the P.O.W.E.R. Inquiry Form to inform us of your interest in the program.
  2. Print & complete the Health History Form.
  3. Have your physician complete the Medical Clearance Form.
  4. Once completed, please submit the Health History and Medical Clearance forms via email to recwell@odu.edu or drop it off at the Membership Services Desk at the Student Recreation Center. The Fitness & Wellness team will review your paperwork and contact you to complete your registration.

Personal Training is a paid service & an active membership to the Student Recreation Center is required to participate. Please complete the health history form & contract on the previous tab prior to paying for a training package.

Package Price
Monarch Try Pack
Assessment, equipment orientation and two personal training sessions
ODU Student: $50
SRC Member: $65
Individual & P.O.W.E.R. - 3 Sessions ODU Student: $75 ($25/session)
SRC Member: $105 ($35/session)
Individual & P.O.W.E.R. - 6 Sessions ODU Student: $140 ($23/session)
SRC Member: $180 ($30/session)
Individual & P.O.W.E.R. - 9 Sessions ODU Student: $190 ($21/session)
SRC Member: $225 ($25/session)
Individual & P.O.W.E.R. - 12 Sessions ODU Student: $225 ($18.75/session)
SRC Member: $240 ($20/session)

Refund Policy: Recreation & Wellness does not issue refunds unless for cancelled events/programs or extenuating circumstances approved by the department.

  People Overcoming Obstacles with Exercise and Recreation (P.O.W.E.R.)

Participate in accessible and adapted recreational opportunities under the supervision of ODU doctoral physical therapy students. People Overcoming Obstacles with Exercise and Recreation (P.O.W.E.R.) is a program designed to serve the needs of those with special health conditions (i.e. heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, physical and sensory limitations, post-rehabilitation, or other individual health concerns).

In order to participate, participants must obtain medical clearance from a doctor. After clearance is obtained, individualized programs are designed based on an initial assessment of the participant. From there, exercise assistance, supervision and progression is provided.

To learn more about P.O.W.E.R. please email us at recwell@odu.edu.

  FAME Training

If you are a person living with stroke, join the FAME program to improve motor function (muscle strength, balance, walking), cardiovascular fitness, and bone density. The Fitness And Mobility Exercise (FAME) program is a free group exercise program for people living with stroke who have some standing and walking ability. The FAME program was developed to fulfill the urgent need for a safe and effective exercise experience that enhances the mobility and fitness of people living with stroke and is proven by clinical trials to show improvements. Must have a doctor's note to qualify.

Effective November 1, 2022, the FAME program is conducted by the ODU Monarch Physical Therapy Clinic at 1015 W 47th Street in Norfolk, VA.


ODU Small Group Training offers a unique opportunity to explore a different dimension of fitness by merging group exercise with personal training. Receive personalized training, encouragement, and opportunities to progress in your fitness skills in this small group setting with a motivating coach.

Fall 2022 Offerings:

Register Online

Women on Weights

Women on Weights is a small group training program designed to ensure that female-identifying participants feel comfortable and confident in the weight room. The participants of WoW will take on the Student Recreation Center fit floor as a team alongside their coach. Throughout the six-week session, team members will learn technique for the 3 major lifts, try various fitness equipment, understand workout split programming, and participate in team-building fitness circuits in an inclusive atmosphere. For additional information please contact us at recwell@odu.edu.

Refund Policy: Recreation & Wellness does not issue refunds unless for cancelled events/programs or extenuating circumstances approved by the department.

Class Type Dates Days & Times Cost
Session 2 October 24 - December 2 Tuesdays & Thursdays
5:15 - 6:15 p.m.
$30 ODU Students
$35 SRC Members

Try before you buy!

Not sure you want to sign up? Come to a FREE demo class to try it out!

Class Type Dates Cost
Demo Week October 18 &
October 20


Personal Trainers

Our personal trainers are highly motivated fitness professionals who provide SRC members with individualized fitness programs. Our trainers lead clients in safe and effective exercises to build healthy lifestyle habits.


Abby is a second-year graduate student in ODU's Doctor of Physical Therapy program and has been a personal trainer at the SRC for the past 4 years. She started working at the SRC as a Fitness Specialist her freshman year of undergrad and became a trainer and group exercise instructor her sophomore year. She loves teaching a wide variety of strength and conditioning and TRX classes. She graduated from ODU with a major in Exercise Science in Spring 2020. Hobbies include spending time outdoors hiking and backpacking, fueled by her position as a trip leader in the SRC's Outdoor Adventure program (which she has also been involved with since her freshman year!) She also enjoys climbing and taking yoga classes.

Certifications: NETA Wellness Coach, NETA Personal Trainer, TRX Instructor Certified


Kayti is a senior student at ODU with plans to graduate in December with a bachelor's degree in Physical Education, minor in Health, and another minor in coaching. She is also a mother to a sweet and energetic 3-year-old boy. Kayti is an avid runner and spend most of my free time training for my next race (Half Marathon!!). She is a big advocate for physical activity and sharing with others the many amazing benefits that come along with it. She looks forward to working with you and helping you achieving your personal fitness goals!

Certifications: ACE Personal Trainer


Xavier is a junior at ODU in the education department. He is majoring in special education. Xavier wanted to become a trainer to help coach people into living a healthier lifestyle. He is very much into lifting weights as he enjoys weightlifting and doing Lat Pull Downs.


Chris is a trainer at ODU. He is a junior exercise science major. Chris wanted to become a trainer because he believes the best way for him to help people is by helping them achieve their fitness goals. You can catch Chris at the SRC gym deadlifting or doing hammer curls.


Skylar is a personal trainer here at ODU! She is majoring in Exercise Science and wanted to become a trainer to help encourage and guide others on their journey to living a healthier lifestyle. "Incorporating fitness into our daily lives not only helps us physically but mentally as well and I'm here to help you progress safely and efficiently". Her favorite exercises to do are weightlifting, sprints, and the occasional yoga, and her hobbies outside of the gym include baking, painting, and spending time with friends.

P.O.W.E.R. Trainers

Our POWER trainers are fitness professionals in their 2nd year of the Doctoral of Physical Therapy program. They work with individuals who have special underlying health conditions with medical clearance from their doctors to participate in physical activity. The trainers evaluate their clients and create individualized programs based on their needs.


Leslie holds a B.S. in Exercise Science and is currently a graduate student in ODU's Doctorate of Physical Therapy program. Hands down, her favorite exercise is low bar squats. Leslie interned for ODU Athletics' Strength & Conditioning department during her undergrad. Her dream job is to be a PT specializing in the sports medicine field. Leslie enjoys powerlifting for fun and finding challenging exercises to spice things up!


Julia is a second year Doctorate of Physical Therapy graduate student at ODU; she received her Bachelors of Science in Biology from Rutgers Camden in New Jersey. After completing her Physical Therapy education, she plans to work in outpatient or inpatient neuro rehab. Julia plans to pursue a personal training certification to help strengthen and diversify her skills. Her favorite exercise is RDL's.


Megan holds a B.S. in Exercise Science, and is a second year graduate student in ODU's Doctorate of Physical Therapy program. If she had to choose, her favorite exercise to teach clients would be Romanian deadlifts. Megan interned previously with a strength & conditioning program for an Australian football team in Australia, which cultivated her love of exercise and sports! She likes to stay active by playing sports, lifting, and taking her dog on walks.


Jaclyn is currently a graduate student in ODU's Doctor of Physical Therapy program. If you are looking for a leg workout, she is your person. Jaclyn enjoys all leg exercises as she enjoys super-setting them to maximize her gains. Also, Jaclyn was a former softball player at Towson University. She wanted to become a trainer because over the years fitness has become a passion of mine and she believes it can positively impact the overall physical and mental health of individuals. She is looking forward to sharing her passion with her clients. Her biggest hobby other than working out is spending time with her dog Maggie.


Elizabeth is currently a graduate student in ODU's Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Her favorite exercises are lateral band walks and running. She was interested in training because she used to go to the gym and be super overwhelmed with all the equipment and not knowing how to properly exercise my body. She wants to use her knowledge and skills to get more people comfortable with the gym and to motivate them to keep moving. Her hobbies include going on bike rides and hiking outside whenever she can.


Gabrielle is currently a graduate student in ODU's Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Her favorite form of exercise is running. Gabrielle was a major athlete and is one of the reasons why she decided to pursue Physical Therapy as a career. She is interested in training people because the position allows her to help individuals explore various types of exercise to find a form that they genuinely enjoy.

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