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Students playing game outside France House.

Intramural Sports

Register on IMLeagues

IMLeagues is the official platform for ODU Intramural Sports registration, team/roster management, scheduling, eligibility verification, and more. All participants must create an account on IMLeagues.com website or mobile app to join a team or play in a sport. Go to imleagues.com/odu to create your free profile now!


Playing Intramural Sports at ODU is a great way to meet new people, compete in your favorite sport, and just have fun! We believe that sportsmanship, safety, competition and inclusivity can strengthen the Monarch community. Intramural Sports activities include Leagues, Games, Tournaments, and Special Events. Some sports may be offered in one or all of these formats during the academic year.



League teams will play 3-4 regular season games and then play in a single-elimination playoff bracket.



Teams or individuals are placed in brackets and play in contests on multiple days over 1-2 weeks.



One-day special event activities or tournaments in various activities.

  ODU Intramural Sports Player Manual

  • Policies & Standards of Conduct
  • Challenges & Appeals
  • Program Structure & Format
  • Sportsmanship Criteria & Ratings
  • & more


Eligible Participants:

  • ODU Students
    Must be enrolled continuously in 3 credit hours at ODU.
  • ODU Faculty & Staff Members
    Must have a valid membership to the Student Recreation Center.
  • EVMS Students Members
    Must have a valid membership to the Student Recreation Center.

You must show a valid University ID to play in games. No experience is necessary to participate!

NOT Eligible:

  • Spouses or Partners of any eligible members
  • Alumni or Former Students
  • Community Members with valid SRC Membership
  • Professional Athletes
    Participants with professional experience will be ineligible for five (5) years from the date professional career ended. (This does not include try-outs for a professional team)
  • Guests & Visitors
    Day Passes are NOT considered valid memberships for participation in Intramural Sports.
  • Certain Athletes
    Some Sport Club members, Varsity Athletes, etc. may be ineligible. See Roster Rules for details.

Roster Rules

  • Players must be listed on the team roster on IMLeagues at game time to be signed-in.
  • Players CANNOT leave a team once they've played a game for that team.
  • Players CANNOT be added to a roster once the regular season has ended.
  • A player can only play for one (1) single-gender team, one (1) Greek League team, and one (1) Co-Rec team within a single sport season.
  • Teams CANNOT exceed the roster limit for the given sport.

Special Rules That Affect Player Eligibility:

  • Current Varsity Athletes
    • Current members of ODU varsity roster are not eligible to compete in the same, or similar, intramural sport(s) to the one(s) in which they compete at the varsity level.
    • Individuals who are trying out for an intercollegiate team but who are not on a permanent roster will be permitted to participate in that intramural sport until they are placed on a permanent roster, at which time, they are ineligible.
    • Red shirted athletes or anyone who practices with a team regularly but does not participate in intercollegiate competition will not be eligible to play that same or related sport.
  • Former Varsity Athletes
    • Any athlete, from any institution, will be ineligible to compete in that sport for the current academic school year that runs from August-July. Such individuals are limited to one (1) player per team roster after their eligibility is restored.
  • Greek League
    • Participants must be active members of the fraternity to be eligible.
    • If an organization has multiple teams, players may not be moved to and from teams.
  • Sport Club Members
    • Intramural rosters limit the number of Club Sport members from a sport, or related sport, on a team to ensure fair play.
    • Two (2) Sport Club members for single-gender sports.
    • Three (3) Sport Club members for Co-Rec sports. If there are three (3), there must be one (1) of another gender.

Gender Inclusivity

We strive to create an inclusive and barrier-free environment for all participants. When creating an IMLeagues account, all participants are asked to declare a gender identity. We support participants' right to play in sports and leagues that are consistent with their gender expression and identity. If you wish to alter the gender identity on your account profile after it has been created, you must do so in the "Account" section of IMLeagues.com prior to being on site for a game. Abuse of this policy results in strong disciplinary action. See Participant Manual for details.

Intramural League Descriptions

Each sport may be separated into specific leagues based on gender, participation requirements, or skill level.

  • "A" League: This league is highly competitive in nature and advanced in skill.
  • "B" League: This league is competitive and moderate in skill.
  • "C" League: This league is for teams and participants that want to play for fun and have lower skill levels.
  • Co-Rec: Teams in this league will be comprised of both female and male participants. The ratio of females and males will vary from sport to sport. (Co-Rec may also have A, B, and C leagues.)
  • Women's: This league is reserved for female participants only. Sororities will play in this league.
  • Greek: This league is open to fraternities. For sports with less availability, fraternities may be limited to 1 team per sport.
  • Open: An Open League, Tournament, or Event is one that does not have any restriction on gender participation ratio.

Some League changes may occur for playoffs or other events. See Participant Manual for details.

IMLeagues Account

All participants must create an account on imleagues.com/odu to signup and play in ODU Intramural sports. Once your account is created you will be able to log-in to view all of our program offerings. The initial log-in attempt will re-route you to the RecWell Portal to verify your status as a student, faculty, or staff member. Click the blue bar that says, "ODU MIDAS ID" to input your MIDAS username and password.

Team Names

When registering for team leagues and tournaments the captain may create a team name for their team's designation. Please be creative, we encourage unique team names with the following stipulations:

  • No vulgar, profane or derogatory language
  • Shorthand, initials, or slang words that violate will NOT be allowed
  • No references to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or violence
  • No sexual references
  • No confusing terms such as BYE, Forfeit, or canceled, etc.

Please note, teams will not be allowed to compete while wearing team apparel with inappropriate names or pictures.

Don't have enough players for a team?

Teams can join the "Waitlist" if they are under the required number to participate and look to add Free Agents. If there is only one person is interested, they too can sign up as Free Agents and may be added or placed on a team.

Looking for a team?

Individuals looking for a team to join can try:

  • Contacting a captain via IMLeagues.com
  • Adding yourself to a team that is looking for players
  • Waiting for a team captain to contact you
  • Showing up at venue during the regular season and asking to join a team which you are eligible for

Remember, there is no guarantee that you will be placed on a team.

How much does it cost to play Intramural Sports at ODU?

Intramural Sports programs are included in student fees at ODU. The only exception to this policy is golf due to the use of an external facility.

What equipment do I need to play?

For most of the sports we offer, all necessary equipment will be provided. Several sports will require personal equipment brought by each player, such as shin guards for soccer and clubs for golf.

Please review the specific rules and policies for any sport to determine what equipment is needed and what attire is allowed to be worn during competition.


Game Day Policies

For more information on Intramural Sports policies, please refer to the complete Intramural Sports Participant Manual.


  • All Participants must show a valid University ID card at the time of player check-in. Without the University ID Card, they will not be allowed to play.
  • If a participant uses an I.D. that does not belong to them, they will be suspended from participation.
  • Intramural Managers and Officials can ask for identification at any point to ensure fair play and to document any issue.
  • Failure to properly identify yourself, by providing a false name, UIN or other information will result in sanctions against individuals and possibly the entire team.
  • Team captains will provide their student ID to the Intramural Manager at the game site as collateral for equipment until the game is completed. At the end of the contest, the ID will be returned to the team captain. If the team captain listed on IMLeagues is not at the game, the player acting as captain must provide their ID.


The time listed on IMLeagues.com is the start time for your game. Failure to arrive by that time will result in a forfeit and a forfeit fee being assessed.

If your team doesn't have the appropriate number of players signed in at game time, the game will be considered a forfeit.

During tournament play, it is possible that teams play back to back games at a different site. We will wait for those teams to arrive prior to declaring a forfeit.

It's preferred that all participants arrive at the game site at least 15 minutes prior to their listed game time. This will provide ample time for warm-up and sign-in.


The Forfeit Fee will be charged if a team forfeits a game regular season or post-season play. If a team knows they will not have enough players for their scheduled game, they must call the Recreation and Wellness Office by 12 p.m. the day of their game; this will result in a default, instead of a forfeit and your team will not be charged the Forfeit Fee.


Default (Providing notice of absence):

  • Notice must be provided by 12 p.m. on the day of the game during the week or by 5 p.m. for all games on Saturday and Sunday.


  • No-show to a scheduled contest.
  • A team does not have the minimum number of players required to start the game.
  • Not providing proper notice of cancellation (see above policy).
  • 2 Defaults will count as one forfeit

The Team Captain will be held responsible for paying the forfeit fee.


Team Captains are the first individuals contacted regarding scheduling and disciplinary issues, and serve as the liaison for Recreation & Wellness staff and the team.

  • Represent your team at all games (the listed captain is not required to be present at all games, however another player must act as the captain and is held responsible for all captain responsibilities).
  • Understand and abide by eligibility and rosters rules.
  • Read and understand the game rules. Convey game rules to your teammates. (We suggest every team conduct pre-season meetings; the majority of problems teams run into are due to a lack of communication regarding policies, procedures, and rules).
  • Direct team members to the Imleagues.com/odu.
  • After each game, check and verify the results on the game sheet.
  • Only the captain may address an official on matters of interpretation and/or for information during a contest. Respect the decisions of game officials.
  • Control your teammates and your spectators.
  • Pay $25 Forfeit Fee in the event the team forfeits.
  • Submit valid University ID as collateral to be held during games, practice, or use of equipment.


A member of the Intramural Sports staff will be in contact with the team captain via phone if inclement weather arises. If a decision due to severe weather can be made earlier in the day, an email will be sent in addition to the call. Game time weather decisions can be made by the manager on duty in the event inclement weather is present during an intramural event. All games will be rescheduled based on availability of facility space.

Intramural Sports staff has the authority to suspend or cancel play at any time if the weather or facility becomes unsafe. The Manager's decision is final.


The specific location for each game will be listed on the schedule on IMLeagues.com.

Indoor Facilities

  • Student Recreation Center
  • Main Courts
  • MAC Gym
  • Racquetball Courts

Outdoor Facilities

  • SRC Field
  • Powhatan Sports Complex
  • Whitehurst Field
  • Whitehurst Beach
  • Foreman Field


Sportsmanship Mission

The backbone of quality competition is a healthy respect for one's self, teammates, opponents and officials. Without this respect, the enjoyment of competition erodes for everyone.

The ODU Intramural Sports program is dedicated to promoting positive sportsmanship among all participants. Through each contest, participants must portray fair play and respect for self, teammates, opponents and intramural staff. Sportsmanship is about holding a level of graciousness in winning or losing.

The 3 P's of Poor Sportsmanship

To encourage proper conduct during games, officials, managers and administrative personnel will make decisions to warn, penalize and/or eject participants, coaches, and/or spectators for poor sportsmanship. These decisions are final and will be reviewed by the Assistant Director of Intramural Sports. These negative actions likely result in consequence from officials or staff:

  • Personal- A negative action is directed toward an individual or group of individuals.
  • Profane- A verbal action includes profanity, slurs, degrading remarks, etc.
  • Public- A negative action is demonstrative, loud or apparent to surrounding bystanders.

Sportsmanship Ratings

  • A team's sportsmanship will be observed during each contest. Teams will receive a rating each game that will create an average at the end of the season.
  • Sportsmanship rating can be affected by actions occurring before, during or after a contest.

Playoff Requirements

  • Teams must have a 3.0 average at the end of their regular season to participate in playoffs
  • Teams must attain 3.0 or better IN EACH GAME to remain in the playoff or tournament bracket.

See Intramural Sports Participant Manual for more information.

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