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Sections: topographic map from 1891 and a close-up of a Thomas Benton painting

ODU Assistant Professor Cathy Wu on 'Domestic Politics and the Turnover Trap'

ODU's Cathy Wu and her co-authors found the prospect of impending leadership change can affect international politics even before a leadership transition is confirmed. When elections or party congresses approach, or when dictators get wobbly, foreign friends and foes alike calibrate their policies for best guesses about who might succeed the incumbent. Read More: Cathy Xuanxuan Wu, Amanda A. Licht, Scott Wolford, 'Same as the Old Boss? Domestic Politics and the Turnover Trap', International Studies Quarterly, March 2021. Also see: 'The leftovers: What happens to foreign policy in power transitions? Part I', The World, 16 March 2021.

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