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Sections: topographic map from 1891 and a close-up of a Thomas Benton painting

Alumni Stories: Kleopatra Moditsi '18

Question: What made the ODU Department of Political Science and Geography a special place for your undergraduate study?

Answer: ODU was special for me because it offered me the space and the opportunities I needed to discover my interests and passion. The classes in combination with approachable professors and extracurricular activities really made ODU a space for me to experience the different dimensions of international affairs and to pick my place in it.

Question: How did the department/ODU provide the necessary academic programs and resources to help you follow your passions to find dream careers?

Answer: The most valuable academic resource was my professors. They were always willing to talk with me about an interesting topic or offer career advice for the future.

Question: What were your experiences with course study?

Answer: Classes at ODU cover fairly broad topics that allow the students to explore the topics that interest them the most. Some of the courses that helped me decide what I want to pursue for my Master's were international law, political geography, world politics, fascism, diplomacy, 20th century dictatorships, and race, culture and public policy.

Question: What were your experiences with day-to-day campus life?

Answer: I was very engaged in extracurriculars. The ODU Model UN was a big part of my life and I still maintain close relationships from the society. I also participated in the Global Monarch Club (GMC) and attended as many OIR (Office of Intercultural Relations) events as possible. In general, I took every opportunity to try new things: student-administration liaising through the International Student Advisory Board, leading a group of volunteers to a refugee camp in Greece with Alternative Spring Breaks, etc. I also worked on campus first a tour guide and later as a resident assistant. The lessons learnt and skills gained through my on-campus jobs are invaluable and still come handy in my current professional environment. Living and working on campus was the best decision I could have made during my time as an undergrad.

Question: What was your most memorable semester?

Answer: Definitely my last semester. I served as a Secretary General of the 42nd annual ODU Model UN conference, which hosted nearly 1,000 high school students in spring 2018. I got accepted into my Master's program in peace and conflict resolution at the School of International Service at American University, which I am now finishing up. And most important of all, I was recognized by the University for my hard work and vision with multiple distinctions, out of which the Kaufman Scholar award definitely stands out.

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