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Why Philosophy & Religious Studies

What is Philosophy & Religious Studies?


No brief definition fully expresses the richness and variety of philosophy, but it may be defined as: "a reasoned pursuit of fundamental truths about ourselves and the universe," or "a critical examination of unexamined beliefs." The study of philosophy develops one's capacity to evaluate ideas and arguments and to reflect on issues fundamental to any human life.


Religion can be conceived as any human search for, or encounter with, the ultimate. It may be studied from several different disciplinary perspectives. In order to understand any cultural group, it is necessary to understand the religions of the group of that culture. The study of religion in a university endeavors to be objective and fair in presenting and evaluating each religion. Thus, it is an academic enterprise, not a religious one, and seeks to avoid promoting the ideals and values of any one religion over those of another. Students are asked to explore religion with an open mind.

What do Philosophy & Religious Studies Majors/Minors Do?

Philosophy majors spend a great deal of time reading, writing, discussing, and above all, thinking. Many of the classes taken by philosophy majors help them to understand the historical development of philosophical thought. Other courses such as logic, teach proper reasoning and argumentation. Still, other courses explore philosophical concerns of certain subjects or topics, like Philosophy and Psychology or Philosophy of Art.

What Skills Will I Gain?

Through the study of Philosophy and Religious Studies, you will acquire skills that are applicable in a wide variety of careers such as:

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Analytical and reasoning skills
  • Ability to formulate clear and persuasive messages
  • Listening, clarifying, questioning and responding skills
  • Creative problem-solving

I love Philosophy & Religious Studies, but will I get a job after graduation?

Don't be deterred from the fields of Philosophy and Religious Studies by fear of finding a job after graduation. A major or minor in Philosophy or Religious Studies can be a major asset to a variety of career paths. In fact, the average starting salary for the Class of 2017 graduating with a Bachelor's Degree was $51,022. Find out more on our Career Exploration page.

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