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Philosophy & Religious StudiesStudent Ambassadors

Interested in Majoring or Minoring in Philosophy & Religious Studies?

Connect with our Student Ambassadors to get the inside scoop about what it's like to focus your degree in Philosophy & Religious Studies here at Old Dominion University. Contact Professor Kouri Kissel to get in touch with a student ambassador. They're happy to answer any questions you may have about our program.

Current Student Ambassadors

The Philosophy & Religious Studies Student Ambassadors facilitate various community-building projects and help recruit new students to the program by being available to answer questions from prospective students. You can catch them at campus events such as Scholars Day, Major Fair, Admitted Students Day, and other organized informational sessions.

philosophy_student_ambassadorsStudent ambassadors: Seth, Keith, Susanna, and Khalia.


Double Major in Philosophy and Women's Studies

Hello! I'm a double major in philosophy and women's studies and the current president of the Philosophy Club. I chose on philosophy after taking my first ethics course which completely sucked me in. Philosophy is so relevant to other subjects and to life in general. I am more prepared for my women's studies courses, but also for my job in hospitality due to my studying philosophy. This major helps regardless of the path you follow because it teaches vital skills like critical thought, logic, and openness.


major in Philosophy with legal studies concentration and Minor in Human Services

Hi! I am a senior at ODU who is graduating at the end of this Fall semester. Philosophy was not my initial area of study; however, taking introductory bioethics course my interest was piqued. I intend to focus my studies on healthcare and medicine. Philosophy has grown me not only from an individual aspect but also as an academic scholar. I have seen improvement in my reading and writing abilities, it has increase in my self-confidence, strengthen my research and critical thinking skills and so much more.


major in Philosophy

Hello. I came into ODU intending to be a philosophy major, but what I did not know yet was how much of an impact philosophy, its professors and students would have on me and each other. It wasn't until I took a few classes and went to some philosophy club meetings that I realized that I was just a kid in a candy shop. Through learning and practicing philosophy, I have been able to logically structure my thoughts in a helpful and understandable manner, which used to be very hard for me.


Double Major in Political Science and Philosophy

Hi, I'm a double major in political science and philosophy. I came into ODU as a poli sci major, added a philosophy minor once I realized how much I love the deep discussions in those classes. Needless to say, that interest grew into a second major for me. The philosophy department has an efficient program to double major in both of these, and faculty are so helpful in helping you reach your unique goals. My philosophy courses have been very helpful for preparing me in my law school entrance exams.

Contact Professor Kouri Kissel to get in touch with a student ambassador.

Philosophy & Religious Studies FAQs

What courses are required for each concentration?

  • The general concentration takes the five core classes, logic, and any other (5) classes.
  • The political and law concentration takes (5) core classes, logic, (2) classes from the political core, (2) from the political electives, and (1) philosophy elective.
  • The religion concentration takes (5) core courses, (1) Islan course, (1) Judaism and Christianity course, (1) Asian religion course, and (3) electives.

Why should I be a philosophy major if I want to do religious studies?

Since both philosophy and religion can be viewed as overlapping social constructs that influence one another, it is best to study them together. Spiritual beliefs can affect moral beliefs and vice versa. These two areas of study influence how individuals perceive themselves and the world around them.

What can I do as a career if I major in philosophy?

A philosophy degree is a great choice for those interested in pursuing a traditional career in academia or law. Or, with a concentration in religious studies, you could attend Seminary and learn how to offer religious guidance. But our majors go onto so much more! Since philosophy teaches you how to structure arguments correctly, any time you need to convince someone of something, this degree will help you do so. This includes policy, business, social services, NGOs, consulting, and a host of other opportunities.

What sparked your interest in philosophy specifically?

"I've had an interest in philosophy since first reading Sartre and Camus in high school, but I had initially declared a different major. I took a course on ethics to expand my horizons, and absolutely fell in love. I haven't looked back since, and I couldn't be happier with where I ended up. My philosophy courses provided me with challenges that invigorated me and fed into my need to question everything, and ultimately the fulfillment of those desires made me stick with philosophy." (Keith)

"I picked philosophy because I found the classes legitimately fun. It gave me a chance to know now just what the teacher thought, but what my classmates and peers thought. (It also helped that my philosophy classes almost always gave us the readings for free unlike my other classes)." (Susanna)

What sparked your interest in religion specifically?

"There is beauty in understanding the culture in which religion is born. And it's important to study the content of various ancient holy texts so we can better translate their meaning into today's day and age. What's most intriguing is how religious texts uniquely explain the "how's and why's" of the world." (Brianna)

What double majors go well with philosophy?

Most majors pair well with philosophy, since philosophy can be applied to any topic. They do not even need to be related in any way! Lots of students double major in women's studies or political science, but we also see double majors from history, political science, psychology, speech pathology, pure math, environmental engineering, agriculture, and computer science, and we can imagine so many more!

What do I need for a Philosophy minor?

Any (4) philosophy courses at the 300 or 400 level.

What do I need for a Religious Studies minor?

Any (4) Religion Studies classes at the 300 or 400 level.

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