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Science Pubs

Ever wanted to talk about research?

Science Pubs ODU is an opportunity for anyone to have casual conversations with ODU researchers out in the community. Join us for a lively and engaging discussion; a curious mind is all that's needed!

The speakers and topics change with each Pub.

The Upside of Downtime

April 28, 2022
Smartmouth Brewing Co.
1309 Raleigh Avenue
Norfolk, VA

Networking Begins at 6:30 p.m.

Program Begins at 7 p.m.

Featured Researcher:

Andrew Bennett, Ph. D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Management
Strome College of Business
Co-director, Management Research Lab
Researcher, Thurmond Negotiations Lab

Stressed? Exhausted? Overwhelmed? You aren't alone. Recent findings from the American Psychological Association report that Americans are feeling the highest stress and fatigue levels in more than 15 years.

Join us for a conversation with Dr. Bennett where he will discuss his research about what you can do to reduce work-related fatigue and stress during work and after work each day.

Science Pubs ODU is an opportunity for the community to engage with ODU researchers in an informal setting.

RSVP by April 28th at: https://fs25.formsite.com/researchdev/vf7xc0nbup/index.html

Join us for a lively and engaging discussion; a curious mind is all that's needed!

The first 20 guests to arrive will receive a beverage ticket.

2021-22 Pubs

Jessica C. Whitehead, Ph. D - What Does a Resilient Hampton Roads Look like in 2050?

Bryan E. Porter, Ph. D - Preventing Roadway Deaths: It's a Bit More Complicated than Blaming Drivers

Annette Finley-Croswhite, Ph. D - Historical True Crime: Lessons From A Murder in Vichy France

Emily Goodman-Scott, Ph. D. - Mental Health in the Time of COVID

ODU Graduate Students Lindsay Ball (Human Movement Sciences), Ana Dreab (Chemistry), Saige Hill (Public Administration & Policy), Meaghan Mozingo (Humanities), Adenrele Oludiran (Chemistry) presented 5 minute Lightning Talks on their research.

2020-21 Pubs

ODU Graduate students Brenda Berumen-Flucker (School of Community and Environmental Health), Natalie I. Cruz (Educational Foundations & Leadership), Grant Highland (Graduate Program in International Studies), Joedian Morris (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Tihara Richardson (School of Public Service), and Austin Tapp (Biomedical Engineering Institute) presented Graduate Student Lightning Talks

Dr. Andrew Kissel, Dr. Krzysztof Rechowicz, and John Shull, "Murder on the VR Express"

Dr. Ricardo Ungo, "Creating Resilience in Medical Supply Chains"

Dr. Raúl Briceño,"Heart of the Matter: A Journey into the World of Quarks and Gluons"

Dr. Ted Gournelos, "Social Media's Political Dark Side"

Dr. Joshua Behr, Wie Yusuf, Jennife Whytlaw, and Nicole Hutton Shannon, "Hurricane Evacuation & Sheltering During COVID-19"

2019-20 Pubs

Dr. Hans-Peter Plag, Eddie Hill, and Tatyana Lobova, "Leaders for a Sustainable Future: Engaging Students in Tackling Wicked Real World Problems" at Elation Brewing

Dr. Michael L. Nelson, "We Can Archive All of Your Social Media But Should We?" at Coelacanth Brewing Company

Dr. Amy Milligan, "Selma's Untold Jewish History" at Maker's Craft Brewery

Dr. Yuping Liu-Thompkins, "How Do Online Consumer Reviews Shape What We Buy?" at Smartmouth Brewing Company

Dr. Helen Crompton, "Technology in Education: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" at Smartmouth Brewing Company

Dr. Robert McNab, "The Commonwealth in 2020" at Maker's Craft Brewery

Drs. Chris Zajchowski, Kyle Davis, Yilun Zhou, and Justin Haegele, "The Impact of COVID-19 on Exercise, Outdoor Recreation, and School-based Physical Education"

Drs. Tina Gustin and Carolyn Rutledge, "Telehealth: Past, Present, and Future"

Alison Stinely, MFA, "Behind the Mask: Form & Function of An Artist's Response"

Previous Pubs

  • Drs. Dan Barshis and Dave Gauthier, "The Science of Beer" at Bold Mariner Brewing Company
  • Dr. Holly Gaff, "Don't be Outsmarted by a Tick: Understanding the Risks of Ticks in Hampton Roads" at Rip Rap Brewing Company
  • Dr. Tom Allen and George McLeod, "Sea Level Science: Innovative Mapping of the Rising Tide" at Oozlefinch Craft Brewing Co.
  • Dr. Roderick Graham, "New Crimes, New Victims, New Offenders: Cybercrime in the 21st Century" at Smartmouth Brewing Co.
  • Dr. Anne Michalek, "Make Some Noise! Linking ADHD and Audiovisual Speech Processing in Noise" at Deadline Brewing
  • Dr. Narketta Sparkman-Key, "Suffering in Silence: Mental Health Awareness for Parents in Urban Communities" at Coelacanth Brewing Co.
  • ODU graduate students Lily Kunda (College of Arts & Letters) Kristina Harrison (Strome College of Business) Rebecca John, (Darden College of Education & Professional Studies) Xavier-Lewis Palmer (Batten College of Engineering & Technology) Molly Long, (College of Health Sciences) and Harmony Martell (College of Sciences) presented "Graduate Student Lightning Talks" at O'Connor Brewing Co.
  • Dr. Jennifer Fish, "The Making of Migrants and the Rights of Care" at Bearded Bird Brewing Co.
  • Dr. Lindsay Usher, "Sun, Sand, and Rising Seas: Resilience in Coastal Recreation and Tourism" at Smartmouth Pilot House
  • Dr. Mike Allen, "Building Resilience to Heatwaves in a Changing Climate" at Oozlefinch Craft Brewery
  • Dr. Daniel Richards, "The Art of Communicating Science" at O'Connor Brewing Co.
  • Richard Nickel, MFA, "The Business of Art" at Toast, followed by a tour of Norfolk Growler
  • Dr. Robert Cramer, "Healing our Heroes: The Science of Risk and Resilience for Military Mental Health" at Smartmouth Brewing Co.
  • Carol Considine, MS, "Going Green to Reduce Flooding" at Commonwealth Brewing Company in Virginia Beach.
  • Dr. Hongyi "Michael" Wu and Dr. Sachin Shetty, "Cybersecurity: Safely Navigating the Digital Landscape" at Coelacanth Brewing Co. in Norfolk.
  • Dr. Wie Yusuf, "Tolling, Tolling Everywhere...A New Fact of Life in Hampton Roads" at Oozlefinch Brewing Company, Fort Monroe
  • Graduate student "Lightning Talks" from Ali Burgos, "Rising Seas and a Sinking City"; Mindy Gumpert, "An Examination of Scientific Argumentation in an Elementary Inclusive Classroom"; Natasha Hagemeyer, "Cooperation is for the Birds"; Stephanie Hawthorne, "Harbored: Making History Interactive through Digital Exhibition"; Aydin Oksoy, "Dealing with Angel Investors: The Anchoring Effect in Unstructured Negotiation"; John Reid, "Accessible Bioprinting: Design and Development of a 3D Bioprinting Device" and Julie Stoner,"Campus Resource Usage by Victims of Sexual Violence" at O'Connor Brewing Co. in Norfolk.
  • Alison Stinely, MFA, "3-D Printing: Merging Antiquity & New Technology in Art Making" at the Bearded Bird in Norfolk's NEON District
  • Dr. Jennifer Michaeli, "Naval Engineering at ODU" at Coelacanth Brewing Co., Norfolk
  • Dr. Balsa Terzic, "The Secret Life of Electrons," at St. George Browing Co., Hampton
  • Jesse Richman, "Science and Democracy in American Elections," at Commonwealth Brewing Co., Virginia Beach
  • Derek Loftis of Virginia Institute of Marine Science and Michelle Covi of ODU,"Following the Flood: Resilience Research in Hampton Roads" at Oozlefinch Brewery, Fort Monroe.
  • Graduate students from across ODU presented thesis-related talks of five minutes or less on their research, followed by a question and answer panel at Coelacanth Brewing Co., Norfolk.
  • Dr. Avi Santo, Director of the Institute for Humanities at ODU, "Why the Man of Steel Cannot Have His Own Super Condoms: Value Management in the Character Licensing Biz," at Tapped Gastropub, Virginia Beach.
  • Dr. Joshua Behr, "Should I Get Outta Dodge?" at O'Connor Brewing Company, Norfolk
  • Dr. Ben Hamlington, "What do we really know about sea level rise?" at St. George Brewing Company, Hampton
  • Drs. Peter Schulman, Greg Cutter and Victoria Hill, "Exploring the Changing Arctic: A Trip to the North Pole for Jules Vernes' 188th Birthday" at Wasserhund Brewing Company, Virginia Beach
  • Dr. Michael Allen, "Heat Waves to Hurricanes: A Conversation About Weather, Climate and Health" at Roger Brown's, Portsmouth

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