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Preschool class from the Children's Learning and Research Center sitting in front of the rock they painted with the words Be Kind

Preschool Half Day Students Find the Beauty in Nature

We have been becoming active observers while we are inside, and outside of our classroom! Becoming active observers changes the way we look at the world, at what we do, and how we can express ourselves. In this project, we noticed how the environment was changing around us! We noticed that it became cooler, that the leaves on the trees were changing color, that seeds were falling to the ground, and that animals are preparing for the winter. Along with observing, we ask questions to understand the changes better. One question was- how could we use these new resources to create something we're familiar with: portraits? How could the shapes and textures represent elements of our bodies, clothes, and help us tell a story? Would the story also have elements of the changing seasons, and what we do during the season? Now that we can look at the world a little differently, please enjoy our ideas, stories, and creativity!

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