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Preschool class from the Children's Learning and Research Center sitting in front of the rock they painted with the words Be Kind

The Wildcats turned their dramatic play center into a dinosaur dig discovery area!

During our dinosaur exploration and discovery weeks, the Wildcats learned about different types of dinosaurs, what dinosaurs liked to eat, and where they lived.

From stomping in paint, doing the dinosaur march or getting down and dirty in our small world paint activity, the Wildcats have done it all! Throughout our exploration, we took a deeper look into the world of dinosaurs and discussed their differences and similarities. The last few weeks we investigated bones, fossils, and volcanoes. We used our science investigation skills and created dinosaur eggs with little baby dinosaurs that we helped hatch after a few days of incubation. The Wildcats discovered how volcanoes erupt or what happens when baking soda and vinegar mix! Lastly, we became archeologist by digging up old dinosaur bones and creating skeletons. It was a fantastic project that provided the children with many exciting learning experiences!

-- Samantha Rocca

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