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2017 Virginia Leadership Academy:Testimonials


"I am extremely glad I came to VLA. This has me excited about taking next semester's challenges head on, involving all of my leadership positions and making our campus a bettter place for student involvement."

- SGA President

"We came to the VLA so that we could see people from different schools and different environments and look at how different personality types can come together and make leadership work together"

- VLA Attendee 2015

"VLA Helped me to further grow my leadership skills. It also gave me the opportunity to meet leaders from other schools and make connections."

- Student Leader

"Going to a conference where you are surrounded by other strong, influential, and opinionated leaders can be
hard-- I've done it before, but never before have I felt so accepted. The focus was more
on how we as student leaders influence those surrounding us rather than about us as individuals. VLA was about learning from each other rather than facilitators solely."

- VLA Attendee 2016

"I got to see how other leaders from other schools deal with the same problems that I have."

- Student Leader

"The Virginia Leadership Academy is an exciting experience that brings student leaders at Virginia's state colleges and universities together to network, share great ideas, and create action plans for the upcoming year. Participants enjoy engaging workshops on advanced leadership topics and explore issues of importance to the students of Virginia. VLA a great way to jump start your teambuilding so you can hit the ground running in the fall."

- VLA Facilitator

"The experience is life changing and it really helps you remember why you become a leader and how to be a better leader."

- Student Leader
vla-students 3-2016

"Learning about the strategies to balance my co-curricular activities with school, SGA, and my various other clubs
is something I have been desperate to learn about for some time. I am confident that with these skills, I can be
a much more effective and reliable leader than I was before."

- VLA Attendee 2016

"The best part of VLA was meeting with the different people of other universities and comparing their leadership styles."

- Student Leader

"I have learned so much about my leadership style and about the things I need to improve and how. I loved this conference and I want it to continue."

- SGA Vice President
vla-football field-2016

vla-service 2-2016

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