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2017 Virginia Leadership AcademyConference Information


The objective of the 2017 Virginia Leadership Academy (VLA) is to facilitate an exchange of ideas across a diverse group of Student Affairs and Student Leadership experts to newly elected SGA and campus-wide leaders for the 2017-2018 academic year. VLA will allow the newly elected student leaders the opportunity to learn more about their elected positions and provide campus leaders with useful tools, contacts and networks to bring forth the confidence needed to effectively prepare for their new campus leadership roles.


The theme for the 2017 VLA is "Get in the Game: Leadership is Not a Spectator Sport". An elected SGA official or campus-wide leader is more than a title, but an active participant in the success of the organization and the university. Being a student leader is about going the extra mile to represent your fellow students, actively enhancing your campus, and cultivating future leaders. The 2017 VLA theme "Get in the Game" was selected as a platform for newly elected student leaders to encorage a generation of active leadership.

This conference will help your student government and campus-wide leaders achieve the following objectives:

  • Reduce student apathy
  • Learn new approaches to renew student and faculty interest in student government as an organization that shapes the campus agenda
  • Improve student input on your campus
  • Improve student participation in campus governance and campus-wide activities
  • Assist in forming "plans of action" for resolving your own campus concerns
  • Provide the necessary skills and ideas enabling you to "make a difference" on your campus next year

Discussions and various team-building exercises will assist SGA and campus leaders to:

  • Understand the different aspects of leadership
  • Realize and enhance their own strengths
  • Hone their leadership skills
  • Be recognized as leaders among peers from around the state

Conference Learning Objectives:

With a commitment to continuous learning and development, the 2017 VLA will:

  • Inspire student leaders to accept leadership roles to benefit their campuses
  • Increase awareness challenges faced by student leaders
  • Build a network of collaborative student leaders working towards the betterment of student organizations around the State of Virginia

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