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Preparing for College: Easing the Burden

It's never too early, or late, to Prepare4College

Session Topics:

Concurrent Information Sessions

Concurrent sessions: 9:00 - 9:40; 9:50 - 10:30; 10:40 -11:20 Panel of presenters 11:30 -12

Each session will be available at each timeslot.

Getting a head start on college and career

  1. Earning college credits while in high school
    1. Advanced Placement
    2. International Baccalaureate
    3. Dual/concurrent enrollment
  2. Community College alternative
  3. Internship opportunities: credit/non-credit, paid, unpaid

Financial Aid

  1. Applying for financial aid
    1. FAFSA
  2. Beware the pitfalls
    1. Look at required shopping list for educational institution
    2. Broken promises from commercial search firms
  3. Work-study and Additional funding
    1. Work study programs
      1. LEAP program
    2. Grants
    3. Scholarships

Understanding GI Bill benefits

  1. More than one GI bill
    1. Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB)
    2. Post 9/11 GI Bill
  2. GI Bill application process
  3. Post 9/11 Transferability rules
  4. Other GI Bill funding areas and items of concern
  5. Point of contact at each school

Loans and repayment options

  1. Federal/private
  2. Accruing Interest
  3. Subsidized/unsubsidized
  4. Repayment options
    1. Grace period
    2. Alternative plans
      1. Payment period
      2. Income based
    3. Forgiveness programs
    4. Default
    5. Tax issues
      1. Credits
      2. Deductions
      3. Forgiveness

Virginia 529 program

  1. Virginia 529 program
    1. Myths and realities of 529Virginia program
    2. In state schools
    3. Out of state schools
    4. Private schools
    5. Transferability
    6. Use it or lose it
    7. Uses of funds
    8. Investment choices

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