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Asian Caucus


To promote equal treatment and inclusive excellence of Asian faculty and staff at Old Dominion University


  • To provide a supportive network for Asian faculty and staff on campus
  • To promote equal treatment of Asian faculty and staff in terms of recruitment, salary, promotion and tenure.
  • To support diversity and equity on campus
  • To facilitate cross-cultural dialog between members and non-members

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Dr. Annette Finley-Croswhite

Dr. Annette Finley-Croswhite


History | Center for Faculty Development




Research & Graduate Studies College of Engineering & Technology




Information Technology & Decision Sciences | College of Business



  • The organization shall be known as the Asian and Asian-American Caucus.
  • To provide a support network for Asian students, staff, administrators, and faculty at Old Dominion University.
  • To serve as an advocacy group to facilitate the campus climate and educational equity efforts for Asian students, staff, administrators, and faculty.
  • To develop and maintain productive cross-cultural relations on campus.
  • To advocate for the recruitment and retention of Asian students, staff, administrators, and faculty.
  • To promote the advancement of Asian staff, administrators, and faculty.
  • To facilitate Asian student success.
  • To serve as a resource to the campus and community on issues that impact the Asian community.
  • To sponsor educational and social programs that advance the interest of Asian.
  • Regular membership is open to current staff and faculty of Old Dominion University. Affiliate membership is open to Alumni, former faculty and staff, and community members.
  • There shall be annual membership dues determined by the Executive Committee.
  • All members including Affiliates may serve on Asian and Asian-American Caucus committees, except that only elected officers shall constitute the Executive Committee in accordance with Articles IV.2 and V.1. All members with the exception of Affiliates shall have the right to vote.
  • The elected officers shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and External Liaison, whose duties are to conduct the business of the Association. The Executive Committee has the authority to appoint advisory board members, a college representative, and additional positions as necessary.
  • The elected members shall be regular members of Asian and Asian-American Caucus.
  • The term of office for each officer shall be two years or until the next scheduled general election.
  • Duties of the officers shall be as follows:
    • The President shall be the principal executive officer of the Association and shall preside at all general meetings of Asian and Asian-American Caucus.
    • The Vice President shall act in place of the President when necessary.
    • The Secretary shall maintain the membership list and other records of the Association.
    • The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial affairs of the Association.
    • The External Liaison shall be responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with other campus associations.
  • Election of officers shall be by secret ballot at a meeting of the Asian and Asian-American Caucus .
  • If for any reason the President cannot complete the term of office, the Vice President shall serve as President. Vacancies in other offices occurring between elections shall be filled by procedures to be determined by the Executive Committee.
  • The Executive Committee shall be composed of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and External Liaison, and shall conduct the business of Asian and Asian-American Caucus as prescribed by the bylaws.
  • All other committees shall be established by the Executive Committee. Members will be appointed by the Executive Committee.
  • There shall be general meetings of Asian and Asian-American Caucus four times a year.
  • The Executive Committee and other committees shall meet as often as necessary.
  • Any member in good standing may propose an amendment of these bylaws to the Executive Committee for review.
  • The Executive Committee shall establish a committee to review the petition and make recommendations to the membership. The Secretary shall submit the proposed amendment, together with the committee recommendations, for approval by majority vote of all current members.

Other Policies

Policy on the Assistance of Members in the University Grievance Procedures

Policy on the Assistance of Members in the University Grievance Procedures

Asian Caucus, Old Dominion University

Adopted on February 4, 2020

A. Introduction

Members may be involved in grievance procedures in the University. To ensure the university policies are faithfully followed and to ensure members are treated fairly, Asian Caucus adopts this policy to assist members, consistent with applicable laws, regulations, and policies.

B. Policy Statement

B.1. Overall statement. Asian Caucus is not a decision body to make any judgement on any cases under investigation. The role of Asian Caucus is to provide resources and facilitate the process that benefits the parties involved in the process.

B.2. Resource role. Asian Caucus serves as a resource for our members and the university stakeholders to provide background information or impartial opinions related to procedures and referrals to applicable parties that may help facilitate the process.

B.3. Advisory role. Asian Caucus can appoint representatives to serve as an advisor for our members to participate in various meetings or hearing in the grievance procedure as allowable by the laws, regulations, and the applicable university policies.

B.4. Supporting role. Asian caucus will support our members to pursue the fair treatment as applicable by the laws, regulations, and the applicable university policies, especially in case convincing and consistent evidence suggests that the policy is not faithfully followed.

C. Procedures

Step 1: Any member to benefit from this policy should initiate the process by contacting the President of Asian Caucus with brief background information.

Step 2: The President or the President's appointed representative of Asian Caucus meets the member to provide an initial assessment of the situation.

Step 3: The President or the President's appointed representative of Asian Caucus should brief the Executive Committee or its designated committee to decide on any specific actions to take, which is based on individual cases and scenarios.

Step 4: The President should notify the members about the committee's decision afterwards.

Confidentiality statement: The Asian Caucus will maintain the maximum confidentiality as possible and agreeable by the members in the process.

D. Administration

The executive committee has the right to consult with the University Counsel or any other university administrators about the proper procedures to take and has the right to interpret this policy as adopted.

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