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OES Fall Seminar - Alex Manda, East Carolina University

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10/13/2022 3:00 PM EST - 4:00 PM EST
Oceanography & Physical Sciences Building - 200
Alex Manda of East Carolina University will speak. Please join us for a reception in OCNPA 404 after the seminar.

Saltwater Intrusion in coastal North Carolina - Processes and Impacts

Alex K Manda, Department of Geological Sciences, East Carolina University (Mandaa@ecu.edu)


Saltwater intrusion is a major concern in many parts of the world where coastal aquifers are the main sources of potable water to local inhabitants. When saltwater intrusion occurs in aquifers, availability to freshwater storage is reduced because concentrations of dissolved ions may exceed acceptable standards for specific needs or uses (e.g., portable water supply, growing specific crops etc.). In eastern North Carolina, poor crop yields, intermittent/persistent inundation, and high salt content in agricultural fields has led many farmers to suspect that saltwater intrusion is occurring in their fields. Preliminary assessments based on groundwater data (salinity and water level), surface water data (salinity, storm surge extent and magnitude), soil characteristics (soluble salts, exchangeable sodium percentage etc.), hydrogeologic characteristics (sedimentological properties and stratigraphic units), and current environmental conditions (e.g., location of groundwater withdrawal points, rate of sea-level rise) suggest that there are several mechanisms which may be driving saltwater intrusion in farmland. This talk will focus on describing the extent and mechanisms by which saltwater intrusion may be occurring in eastern North Carolina.

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