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Office of Clinical ExperiencesFrequently Asked Questions

Where do I request my placement?
After you have registered for a field experience course, within a week, you will receive an email from the Office of Clinical Experiences that will allow you to request a placement or indicate that you will be using your own classroom. You can also visit this link to complete your request.

I already work in a school. Why do I need to request a placement?
The Office of Clinical Experiences is required to track where all field experience hours are being accumulated. Once you click into the survey you will be able to review your contact information and then record your classroom information where you will be completing your hours.

I already work at the school, can I use these hours?
You may be able to use these hours if the current classroom that you are working in meets the population needs of the course. You will need to seek permission from the instructor of your course to see if your classroom meets the requirements of the course.

I already work at a school, why do I have to have another background check? ODU policy is that all field experience students need to have a completed background check on file with the Office of Clinical Experiences. If you have had a background check completed within the last two years, you may submit the results (State/FBI fingerprinting & Social Services) to the background check coordinator, Carol Smith-Giles, csmith@odu.edu for review. She will follow up if we are unable to accept your submission.

Can I take a long-term sub position for my student teaching / practicum / observation hours?
Students are not permitted to use long term sub positions for any field experience hours. Field experience hours are hours gained under supervision in the classroom.

Why haven't I received my placement information yet?
Each school division has a different time table to process placement requests. Typically, we receive placements from the school divisions 6-8 weeks after Labor Day or Martin Luther King holidays depending on the semester. We do not provide placements during the summer.

We do not release placement information until your background check is on file with our office. You can verify that your background check has been completed by going to your Leo Online test score page and your student view of your placement information. It will be listed under Criminal Background Check with a score of "1" if you have been cleared.

What do I do with my TB test results?
Most districts ask that you keep a copy of the negative results with you at all times when you are at the schools. Some districts will ask for a copy. The student will be notified if this is the case.

Will I still have to do the school district's background check if I am already cleared through ODU?
Certain school divisions will still require you to complete another background check. The student will be notified if this is the case.

I would like to double check that you received my placement request. Do you have it?
After completing a placement request, the system automatically sends you a confirmation email. You can also double-check at this link.

I didn't get the school that I requested. Why not?
Requests are not guaranteed. Placements are based on which schools and teachers are asked to host field experience students, and which teachers meet the requirements to host students. ODU also guarantees diversity of placements for licensure and accreditation, so this, too, could be a factor in your placement.

How do I continue my placement if I received an "I" in a practicum course?
Email placements@odu.edu to request a placement form detailing the course number, the number of hours remaining, and the length of time needed to complete.

I want to be placed in a private school. Can I do that?
Before requesting the private school placement, please email placements@odu.edu with the course and the name of the school in which you would like to be placed. We will verify whether it is on the approved list for the state/country in which you are being placed.

I need a college verification form. Who do I send it to?

College Verification forms are completed through the Office of Clinical Experiences. Please complete ONLY Part I and send to oce@odu.edu. If you still know your University Identification Number include your number in the subject line. College Verification forms are processed in 10-12 days. The original is then mailed to the address listed under Part 1 unless other directions are provided.

What is the mentorship option?

Students that have already completed a bachelor degree may be eligible for the mentorship option. If you are considering a mentorship option, you must contact the Associate Director of the Office of Clinical Experiences (vstaylor@odu.edu) and set up an appointment to further discuss this option. Mentorship will only be considered when you have been offered a full-time contracted teaching position.

I had applied for the mentorship option for student teaching and now I can't take my licensure tests, will I still be able to accept a teaching position?

Unfortunately, we cannot make exceptions for the testing requirements for the mentorship option. As soon as you have passing scores, if you meet all eligibility requirements and you may be approved for the mentorship option.

Can my teacher's assistant position or job as a substitute count toward student teaching hours?

No. At this point, undergraduate teacher candidates may not count hours as a teacher's assistant toward student teaching. The internship experience is a full-time academic responsibility. Public Schools have expectations for the achievement and growth of their learners; therefore, teacher candidates must be prepared to devote their time and energy to internship duties and providing the best possible instruction environment for the learners. Outside employment during the teacher candidate internship may impede the teacher candidates' performance and is highly discouraged. Candidates may not be employed in the school where they are completing their student teaching during the instructional hours. If a candidate is employed or taking classes, the teaching candidates' internship takes precedence. Missing intern duties such as faculty meetings, IEP meetings, seminars, or parent/teacher meetings will result in a failing experience. Further, teacher candidates cannot be used as or act in the capacity as a substitute teacher during student teaching.

Do I need to submit official transcripts from every college I have attended?

The VDOE does not recognize transfer credits, only official transcripts from the original institution. Additionally, they do not accept official emailed transcripts. They must be paper copies. You can have them sent to yourself (do not open them-once opened they are not official anymore) or sent directly to our office. If your only option is to send the transcripts directly to our office, please email csmith@odu.edu: your name, that you are working on your licensure packet, and which school the transcripts will be arriving from.

When do I submit my licensure application packet to the Office of Clinical Experiences?

Once your degree has been conferred on your transcript, you may order an offical transcript and then send your completed licensure packet to our office. Address: Office of Clinical Experience, Education Building, Suite 1107, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA 23529

When will my degree be conferred?

Usually, it takes 4 to 6 weeks after all grades are due (typically a few days after graduation). It takes 6 to 8 weeks after all grades are due for diplomas to be mailed. Please keep checking Leo online for your graduation status.

I sent in my licensure packet, now what?

After we receive your completed packet, the Office of Clinical Experiences reviews your materials and procesess your College Verification (CV) form (takes 8-10 business days). Once the college verification form is completed your packet is mailed to the VDOE. We will send you a copy of your CV form the day your packet goes out to the VDOE. Once your packet goes out to the VDOE we do not have a way to check where your packet is in their approval process. You may go to the VDOE website and run a "license query" where your name will appear once your license is approved. The VDOE will mail you your license once your application has been processed by them. This can take anywhere from 4-10 weeks.

I received a letter from the VDOE indicating their was a problem with my packet?

Please scan and email a copy of your letter to oce@odu.edu for further instructions on what information you need to send back to the VDOE to complete your licensure application.

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