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Make Sure You Have the Right Foods to Ride Out Storm, ODU Dietician Says

If you're among the many people stocking up on food and water in anticipation of Hurricane Dorian heading toward Hampton Roads, Old Dominion University's dietician has advice for you - milk, bread, chips and water aren't all that should be in your kitchen.

It's important to make sure your cabinets have the right foods, especially if you are cooped up in your house for days, Tracy K. Conder said. Aside from the standard purchases, she suggests stocking up on items such as sports drinks and dried fruit.

Conder says milk is a great source of protein, but it can spoil if the power goes out. She suggests buying powdered milk, which is usually cheaper and has the same amount of protein.

She also recommends fiber-rich, 100% whole grain or wheat breads.

"I'd also add high-fiber cereal," she said. "Cereal will be great with powdered milk (rehydrated) or mixed with nuts for a homemade trail mix. Add dried fruit, raw pumpkin seeds and coconut for variety!"

Fiber is important, she said, because it helps control blood sugar.

"Low blood sugar can make you dizzy and weak. It can happen when we don't get enough food," she said.

Conder says it's important not just to buy healthy food but to use it in a way that provides carbohydrates, protein and fat at each meal. It's as easy as filling your plate with a protein, fruit, veggie and grain.

Other recommendations from Conder:

  • Water is important during any storm event. "Hydration is key," she said, especially in the hot, muggy weather that often follows a major storm.
  • Peanut butter has plenty of protein, which "strengthens the immune system and builds muscle mass."
  • Sports drinks replenish electrolytes.
  • Dried fruit has carbohydrates, and carbohydrates and fat together make energy.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are nutritious. You can freeze them if they start to go bad, but if you're without power for an extended time, you're better off getting canned fruits and vegetables.
  • Canned tuna and salmon are protein-rich and contain Omega-3 fatty acid. Protein should be included in every meal or snack. Canned chickpeas, protein bars, beef jerky and nuts are also high in protein.
  • Canned soup might have everything you need. Conder recommends bean or lentil soup with vegetables.
  • Multi-vitamins can close nutrition gaps that may occur from eating a limited-variety diet during the storm.

Condor said if you experience a power outage, making homemade energy bites is a great idea. Although they last longer if refrigerated, they will last a few days without being chilled and are delicious and nutritious.

Two recipes are attached to this story.

Trying to figure out healthy choices can be time consuming. Help is available from the popular Internet app Fooducate. It allows users to scan the bar code from a food package and view a grade from A to D.

The app has an option that suggests alternatives with higher grades than the one scanned. Conder said this allows users to quickly figure out the healthiest options to buy.

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