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Grants & Contracts for January & February 2014

The Research Foundation announces the following grants and contracts for January to February 2014. Award amounts are totals expected for the entire funding period. The list does not include supplements, modifications or other changes to existing grants or contracts. For awards that have more than one investigator, the first faculty member listed is the principal investigator.

KAREEM AHMED, mechanical and aerospace engineering, "Design and Development of Coaxial Jet Experimental Facility"; ERC Inc., $10,000.

JULIAN ASHFORD, ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences, "Estimating the Age of Patagonian Toothfish Using Transverse Cross-Sections of Otoliths"; National Marine Fisheries Service, $14,990.

NAZAIR BAREKZI, biological sciences, "Application for SEA-PHAGES Associate Membership, 2014-15"; Howard Hughes Medical Institute, $5,000.

LEE BELFORE II, electrical and computer engineering, "A Partially Adiabatic Digital Logic Circuit Technology for Ultra Low Power Operation"; Virginia Innovation Partnership, $40,000.

PETER BERNATH, chemistry and biochemistry, "Infrared and Near Infrared Spectroscopy of Astrophysical Molecules"; NASA, $416,887.

JEROME BRINKER, ODU Business Gateway, "Process and Management Support 2014 (Bauer Compressors 2014-32)"; Private Sponsors, $31,400. Also, "Lean Principles Training Classes (Busch Manufacturing 2014-29)"; Private Sponsors, $5,000. Also, "Process and Management Support 2014 (Bauer Compressors 2014-32); Private Sponsors, $2,500.

ROBERT BRUNO, health sciences, and PATRICK SACHS, medical diagnostic and translational sciences, "Development of a Three Dimensional Breast Model for the Advancement of the In Vitro Study of Breast Cancer"; Old Dominion University, $50,000.

MARK BUTLER, biological sciences, "Program Development Pilot Study: Restoration of Florida Keys Shallow Water Sponge Communities and Their Ecological Function"; University of Florida, $9,695.

JOHN CATRAVAS, Center for Bioelectrics, "Therapeutic Mechanisms of RHoA Inhibition in Acute Lung Injury"; Georgia Regents University, $272,422.

MECIT CETIN, civil and environmental engineering, "Resubmission: UMD National University Transportation Center"; University of Maryland, $122,000. Co-PIs are ANDREW COLLINS and MIKE ROBINSON, Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center.

HELEN CROMPTON, teaching and learning, "Verizon Innovative Learning Schools"; International Society for Technology in Education, $7,000.

CLAIR DORSEY, ODU Business Gateway, "VBOC ODU Contribution for Assistant"; Old Dominion University, $15,000.

ANGELA ECKHOFF, teaching and learning, and PETER BAKER, educational foundations and leadership, "Peter Baker Project - SOW Aligned with 536971"; Old Dominion University, $30,000.

HANI ELSAYED-ALI, electrical and computer engineering, "Development of Dial Detection Systems and Data Analysis Algorithms"; NASA Langley Research Center, $125,000.

JOANNA GARNER, The Center for Educational Partnerships, "Supplemental Award for Cornerstone Assessment Materials"; Virginia Department of Education, $42,045. Also, with SALLY CARADONA, TCEP, "Evaluation of Prince William County Schools Transition Support Program"; Prince William County Public Schools, $18,522.

HILI HAO and ALI BESKOK, mechanical and aerospace engineering, "Detection of Distributed Static and Dynamic Loads with Electrolyte-enabled Distributed Transducers in a Polymer-based Microfluidic Device"; National Science Foundation, $10,000.

PATRICK HATCHER, chemistry and biochemistry, "Surface Chemistry of Soil Phosphorus-Organic Matter Interactions: An Atomic Force Microscopy and Ultra-high Resolution Mass Spectrometry Study"; University of Maine, $160,650.

KHAN IFTEKHARUDDIN, electrical and computer engineering, "Full Motion Video Analysis for Human Characterization and Activity Analysis"; Infoscitex Corp., $44,090. Also, with MICHEL AUDETTE, modeling, simulation and visualization engineering, "3D Facial Expression and Visual Stimuli Analysis for Autism Spectrum Disorders"; Old Dominion University, $48,000.

VUKICA JOVANOVIC and MILETA TOMOVIC, engineering technology, "WIA Incentive Award Grant"; Opportunity Inc., $10,000.

DEAN KRUSIENSKI, electrical and computer engineering, "Multidisciplinary Seed Funding: Investigation of Musical Rhythms in the Brain"; Old Dominion University, $48,000.

SANDEEP KUMAR, civil and environmental engineering, "Commissioning, Operation and Data Analysis of a Pilot-scale Subcritical Water Hydrolysis Reactor to Be Installed at Tyton Biosciences, Danville, Va., for Processing Tobacco Biomass"; Tyton Biosciences Corp., LLC, $1,225.

DREW LANDMAN and COLIN BRITCHER, mechanical and aerospace engineering, "Wind Tunnel Balance Calibration Assessment"; National Institute of Aerospace Associates, $86,817.

CHRISTOPHER LYNCH, ANTHONY BARRACO and SAIKOU DIALLO, Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, "Integrated Gaming System PWS"; Cubic Applications Inc., $286,603.

GANGFENG MA, civil and environmental engineering, "Development of a Multidisciplinary Approach for Assessing Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Impact on Tidal Wetlands in Lynnhaven Bay, Va."; Old Dominion University, $49,000. Co-PIs are XIXI WANG, civil and environmental engineering, and HUA LIU, political science and geography.

KURT MALY, computer science, "Research and Development of Software Systems Services and Solutions"; SIMIS Inc., $12,654. Also, "ABS Enterprise Services Group Technologist Network Research"; ABS Enterprise Services Group, $26,400.

JENNIFER MICHAELI, engineering technology, "Viability of Analytical Hierarchy Process as a Decision Making Tool in Mission Engineering"; University of Michigan Department of Parks & Recreation, $125,000. Co-PIs are GENE HOU, mechanical and aerospace engineering, and XIAOXIAO HU, psychology.

COREY RYNDERS, human movement sciences, "Assessing and Preventing Falls in Multiple Sclerosis: An Integrative Approach"; Old Dominion University, $43,305.

YUZHONG SHEN, modeling, simulation and visualization engineering, "Improving Programming and Financial Literacy Education Using Student-developed Games"; University of Massachusetts, $25,976. Co-PIs are LI D. XU, information systems and decision sciences, and ZHONTANG REN, foreign languages and literatures.

JOHN SOKOLOWSKI, Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, "IPA Extension for 2014 and 2015 - Michael Duffey"; NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Norfolk, $345,170.

STEPHEN TONELSON, CHERYL BAKER and ROBERT GABLE, communication disorders and special education, "The Virginia Consortium for Teacher Preparation in Vision Impairment"; George Mason University, $25,333.

TANCY VANDECAR-BURDIN, Social Science Research Center, "New Hampshire DHHS Public Mental Health Surveys"; New Hampshire Department - HHS, $121,114. Also, "2014 Early Intervention Family Survey"; Virginia Department of Mental Health/Mental Retardation, $36,795.

CHUNSHENG XIN, electrical and computer engineering, "EARS: Collaborative Research: Enhancing Spectral Access Via Directional Spectrum Sensing Employing 3D Cone Filterbanks: Interdisciplinary Algorithms and Prototypes"; National Science Foundation, $111,011. Also, "NeTS: On-Demand Spectrum Access: Application-oriented Dynamic Spectrum Access"; NSF, $405,687.

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