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Katsioloudis to Head New Industrial and Scientific Research Center

A recent collaboration between the Department of STEM Education and Professional Studies in Old Dominion's Darden College of Education and the ODU Business Gateway has resulted in the creation of the Industrial and Scientific Research Center (ISRC).

Under the leadership of director Petros Katsioloudis, ODU assistant professor of industrial technology, the center was created to offer real-world industrial and scientific research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Examples include research with Eastern Virginia Medical School to study several medical technology issues.

The ODU Business Gateway provides a single, consistent entry point to the intellectual capital, innovative technologies and world-class infrastructure of the university. Its mission is to provide companies large and small, not-for-profit organizations, military commands and entrepreneurs a dedicated resource to help solve business problems, expand capabilities and create new ventures.

"The ISRC is an example of the synergy we need with its emphasis on solving real problems through strategic partnerships," said Linda Irwin-DeVitis, dean of the Darden College. "Dr. Katsioloudis' work to involve students in research on important technical questions will improve students' skills through applied research that may also have commercial potential. It is a win-win-win."

Jerry Robertson, associate vice president and executive director of the Business Gateway, agreed. "The center will provide invaluable hands-on experience for ODU students while solving real-world industry problems," he said. "It is the hallmark of collaboration."

Katsioloudis and ODU students from his STEM 221 and 231 courses - Industrial Materials, and Materials and Processes Technology - are currently conducting two research projects with EVMS assistant professor and surgeon Dr. Kal Sakhel, who will serve as medical consultant to the ISRC. The first of the two ongoing projects relates to the production of surgical smoke by various instruments during operations, including an analysis of the content of the smoke to determine what health risks this may pose to surgeons. The second project concerns the safety of hysterosalpingography (HSG) testing in patients with tubal ligations.

Under Katsioloudis' guidance, 30 students, whose majors include industrial technology, technology education and engineering technology, fabricated a surgical smoke box to capture and analyze surgery fumes for the first experiment, and designed a test procedure and an apparatus that would attach to a dye syringe and HSG balloon catheter for the second experiment.

Also affiliated with the ISRC are two faculty members from the STEM education and professional studies department: Todd Fantz, assistant professor of technology education, as engineering consultant, and Daniel Dickerson, associate professor of science education, as science consultant.

For more information about the Industrial and Scientific Research Center, call Katsioloudis at 683-4305 or visit http://odubusinessgateway.com/home/ISRC.

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