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Old Dominion University Music and Dance Showcase, 4.24.15.

F. Ludwig Diehn School of Music Undergraduate Student Handbook:Section Two: Getting Around

Advising & Registration Procedure

Students MUST meet with their advisors each semester to plan a course of study for the following semester. An official Advising Day will be announced each semester, and all music students must participate, regardless of degree program.

PLEASE NOTE: Students are not permitted to register for classes until their advisor's block is removed.

All degree-status undergraduate students are required to have an academic or faculty advisor approve their courses of study prior to each registration. Advisors will make every effort to give effective guidance in academic matters and to refer students to those qualified to help them in other matters, but the final responsibility for meeting all academic requirements rests with the student.

First-semester advising is available at Monarch Orientation summer orientation for all incoming students. Monarch Orientation is required for all incoming freshman students and is strongly encouraged for all incoming transfer students. A faculty member from the F. Ludwig Diehn School of Music will be available during Monarch Orientation to advise incoming students. Students must be advised by the F. Ludwig Diehn School of Music during Monarch Orientation.

Students cannot officially declare a major until certain University requirements are met. However, students who have not yet declared their major should continue to be advised by the F. Ludwig Diehn School of Music, even though the student's official file will still be with the Advising and Transfer Services office.

Each student is assigned a faculty advisor by the Chair. Advisor assignments will be posted in the department prior to Advising Day. Advisors are assigned for your benefit and should be consulted when you have questions about your music program at Old Dominion.

Students must complete an evaluation of their Applied Music teacher each semester. Student Evaluation of Faculty forms are available in the music office and should be returned to the music office when they are complete.

Music Student Organizations

There are several music student organizations active in the department comprising service, professional and honors missions. Click here to learn more about them...

The F. Ludwig Diehn Composers Room

This is the music library at ODU. It provides services and resources related to the musical collections held by the Old Dominion University Libraries. You will find scores and recordings here. Books about music are held in the Patricia W. and J. Douglas Perry Library, the main library on campus. Click here to learn more about the Diehn Composers Room.

F. Ludwig Diehn Center for the Performing Arts

Hours: Sunday-Friday 8:00am-10:00pm; Saturday 8:00am- 6:00pm

The F. Ludwig Diehn School of Music owns a great deal of expensive instruments, stereo equipment, recording equipment, and computers. Therefore, the need for building security is great. Students are not permitted in the building at any time outside of normal operating hours. Students remaining in the building after hours will be asked to leave by University Police. Your cooperation in this matter is essential.

No one is permitted to use University facilities for the purpose of teaching without the express permission of the Department Chair.

In addition, student access is restricted in certain areas of the building. Students are not permitted in restricted areas without proper authorization. These areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Electronic Music Studios
  • Computer/Piano Labs
  • Chandler Recital Hall, including all backstage areas
  • Faculty Work Room

Access to certain areas is controlled through the use of a ODU ID Smart Card. To gain access to specific rooms, the instructor must send an email to either Trina Hawkins or Susan Vosler in the Diehn School of Music Office. This email needs to have the student(s) name, UIN(s) and the room number. For Room 1101, only students who have a locker or use the modules (large instruments) will be given access.

Sign up for a locker in the Main Office. Lockers are available to music majors on a first-come, first-served basis. Large lockers are reserved for students with large instruments. Lockers are a privilege. They must be emptied at the end of each academic year. Any remaining locks will be removed during the summer, and anything in the locker will be discarded.

Students may practice in the Wenger practice modules. Unless posted otherwise, music majors and minors have priority over others for use of the modules. Students may only practice in the building during normal building hours. No smoking or consumption of food or beverages is allowed in the practice modules or classrooms. No food or drink should ever be placed on the pianos. Violation of this rule will lead to loss of practice privileges.

Bulletin boards are designated for official F. Ludwig Diehn School of Music use only. Official department use includes: class information, departmental and area music performances, music student organizations, graduate program and summer music festival information, official notices from the department office and other items considered to be of interest and approved by the faculty and/or office staff.

Certain bulletin boards are designated specifically for information pertaining to Blue Cards, Juries, Student Performance Hour, Recital Approval Hearings, Voice Information, Advising and Exit Exams. Unauthorized postings on any board will be promptly removed.

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