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Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department Faculty

Wind Tunnels Laboratory

Directed by: Dr. Colin Britcher and Dr. Drew Landman

The Wind Tunnel Laboratory houses three different wind tunnels. The most commonly used one being the Closed-Circuit Low-Speed Wind Tunnel. There is also an Open-Circuit Low-Speed Tunnel with 6" Test Section. Finally, the laboratory houses a Supersonic Wind Tunnel. This page concentrates on the Closed-Circuit Low-Speed Wind Tunnel.

Closed-Circuit Wind Tunnel Facility Description:

(Supplied by AeroLab LLC, Laural, MD c. 1971)

Used for undergraduate and graduate instruction and research in;

  • Aerodynamic, aeronautical, automotive , and architectural fields

  • Measurement techniques

General Specifications:

  • 125 H.P. motor (variable frequency AC Drive)

  • Computer Control and Data Acquisition

High-Speed Test Section:

  • 3 by 4 feet, 8 feet long, 55 m/s (123 mph)

  • Turntable and pitch mechanism (2DOF)

Low-Speed Test Section:

  • 7 by 8 feet, 7 feet long, 12 m/s (26 mph)

  • Computer-controlled 3-axis traverse

Test Programs:

  • Ship airwake/rotor interaction study (S. Doane)

  • Road vehicle ground wake study (J. Chen)

  • Transport aircraft wake study(B. Sahin, H. Yavas)

  • MagLev Vehicle aerodynamics (M. Wells, B.Renaud)

  • MAE 621, MAE 406, MAE 407 classes (Instrumentation)


Pressure System:

  • 80-channel high-speed pressure scanners.

Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)

  • Evaluates velocity of microscopic smoke particles in a plane illuminated by a pulsed laser light sheet

  • 2-3 velocity components, 1-875-3.5 fps

Hot Wire Anemometer (HWA)

  • Infers velocity from cooling of very fine heated wires placed in flow

  • 1-,2-, 3-components, frequency response >50khz

Closed-Circuit Low-Speed Wind-Tunnel Diagram
Hypersonic Wind TunnelSupersonic Wind Tunnel
Low-Speed Section and the Converging NozzleLow-Speed Section and the Converging Nozzle
Wing and Probe Assembly in High-Speed SectionWing and Probe Assembly in High-Speed Section
Data Acquisition Computers and NI HardwareData Acquisition Computers and NI Hardware

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