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Materials science is concerned with relating the properties of a material to its microstructures. The Materials Science Laboratory (MSL) is designed to support undergraduate students taking a material science course (MAE 205) that has a laboratory course (MAE 203) affiliated with it.

MSL is designed to facilitate the study of various aspects of structure, ranging from atomic considerations to those, which can be observed by the unaided eye. A collection of components which have failed in service are utilized for the general purpose of improving mechanical designs. In addition to the usual geometric concerns, these components are used to illustrate the importance of materials selection with respect to alloy composition, mechanical processing, heat treatment, and fabrication. Microwaves, metallographic preparing equipment and testing facilities appropriate for this endeavor are available for use in the laboratory.

MSL houses equipment associated with material science, including examination equipment, measurement equipment, and fabrication equipment as well as testing equipment, so that students can perform hands-on experiments to strengthen their understanding of materials science theories. The lab also utilizes equipment for metallographic specimen preparation, macroscopic and microscopic visual examination, heat treatment, metal working, physical testing, and non-destruction evaluation.

Equipment for metallurgy:

  • 3-stage grinders
  • Rough and fine polishers
  • Optical microscope

Equipment for fabrication and heat treatment:

  • Rolling mill
  • Vacuum furnace with pump
  • Small and large pot furnaces
  • Quenching tube furnace

Testing equipment for mechanical properties:

  • Rockwell hardness
  • Charpy impact test
  • Compression test
  • Shore seleroscope
  • Jominey end quench
  • Tabletop tensile test

Non-destruction testing equipment for mechanical properties:

  • Magnetic flux
  • Portable dye penetrants
  • Ultrasonic test
  • Eddy test

Light Microscopes

Light microscopes

Impact Testing Machine

Impact testing machine

Array of General Purpose Grinders

Array of general purpose grinders

Specialized Grinder

Specialized grinder

Hardness Tester

Hardness tester

Specialized Grinder

Specialized Grinders

  1. Food and drinks are strictly prohibited.
  2. Safety glasses must be worn when instructed.
  3. No open-toed shoes, jewelry, or loose clothing may be worn inside the lab. Long hair must be tied into a bun and covered with a hair net if any machinery is operated.
  4. Please maintain a tidy workspace and clean the machines after use.
  5. Report any damaged equipment, leaks, or spills to the lab coordinator.
  6. ODU Lab Safety Rules, MSDS forms, and Accident Report forms can be found in the laboratory documents binder or online.
  7. A First Aid Kit is located inside the lab. When needed, please utilize the kit and immediately contact lab coordinator Dr. Dipankar Ghosh 757-683-6363 or email at dghosh@odu.edu.
  8. For serious injuries and emergencies, please call 911 or ODU Campus Police 757-683-4000.
  9. To contact the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Dept. call 757-683-6363.
  10. For questions on safety and training certifications, please contact Kelvin Colvin at 757-683-4592 or email at kcolvin@odu.edu.

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