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Personal Safety

Safety Tips

By following these safety tips, you can help make campus safer for everyone:

Be Alert

Focus on your surroundings, know your route and the quickest way to get help


Walk in groups or with a friend, and if you see someone at risk, get help immediately

Safety Services

Use SAFE RIDE, Safety Escorts, and the LiveSafe app to get around campus safely

safe residence

Lock/close windows & doors at all times; never invite stangers to your residence

secure items

Never leave valuables (bike, laptop, phone) unsecured or in your vehicle

Trust Instinct

Trust your gut: call for help if you feel uneasy, and report any suspicious activity

Bicycle Safety

Follow ODU's Bike Safety Tips and remember to always lock your bike with a quality U-lock

party smart

If you're 21+ and decide to drink, always know where your drink is and who it's from

Report concerns

Be mindful of your peers and know what concerning behaviors to report to T.E.A.M.

Holiday & Vacation Tips

Follow these additional tips to keep you and your belongings safe when you leave campus:

Record Serial Numbers

Record serial numbers of your devices so they can be traced in case of theft

Electrical Cord

Disconnect all electrical extensions to prevent fires and power surges

Missing Items

If something is missing when you return, alert the police immediately

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