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You Visit Tour. Perry Library June 1 2017. Photo David B. Hollingsworth

OUR Journal: A Must-Read Issue

Volume 9 of OUR Journal (ODU Undergraduate Research Journal) is now available via ODU Digital Commons. It's definitely an issue worth exploring.

From the Editor, Ethan Ross:

"... I can't help being impressed with what ODU students can do if they are given the opportunity. This year, I was pleased not only by our students' professionalism throughout the editing and revising process but also by the sheer relevancy of their work. These articles and reviews approach cutting-edge issues that matter deeply to our students and our world today. To name a few, our students have explored the depths of racism in our American schools, as well as the surprising possibility that not all urban schools with lower socioeconomic averages lack access to high-quality software. Other students have examined the extent to which apps like Tinder have redefined dating and our notions of intimacy itself. Still others have evaluated the relatively unexplored regions of identity in celebrity fandom and the positive or negative impact of participatory culture on the individual."

He goes on, "But this list of subjects is just scratching the surface! Take some time to explore this issue and accept, as these undergraduates have, the challenge to dig deeper with regard to the pressing issues of our day."

OUR Journal is an open access journal published by the Honors College at Old Dominion University and hosted in ODU Digital Commons, a service of the University Libraries.

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