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Three images of students: serving in the Monarch Pantry, standing on the steps of a building in a group, and cleaning a park.

Office of Leadership & LearningODU Comprehensive Leadership Program

Monarchs LEAD (Leadership Exploration And Development)

Monarchs LEAD program graduates 2017

ODU's Comprehensive Leadership Program

ODU's Monarchs LEAD Program guides and develops students on their leadership journey at Old Dominion University. Students gain leadership competencies from their first year until graduation.

The program consists of three developmental phases: Emerging Leaders, Developing Leaders, and Monarch Leaders. The Monarchs LEAD Program utilizes the social change model of leadership and examines the individual, the group and the community.

See Danielle's Leadership Journey — Experience Guaranteed: Danielle - Monarchs LEAD Presentation

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Participants must complete the following requirements in order to successfully finish the Monarchs LEAD program:

  1. Join the Monarchs LEAD program via Monarch Groups​
  2. Complete 9 Leadership Lecture Series workshops & post assessments​
  3. Complete 20 hours of service (Service Form) ​
  4. Engage in a leadership development experience​
  5. Work to develop others (Mentee Form)​
  6. Work with a mentor for further self-development (e.g., graduate school, workforce, entrepreneurship venture, non-profit, and/or area social impact; Mentor Form)​
  7. Log all activities on co-curricular transcript in Monarch Groups

Student Leaders who successfully complete the requirements will be recognized with a Leadership Stole to be worn for graduation.

The Social Change Model

The Social Change Model forms the foundational basis of leadership development program as students explore and develop their values, self-awareness, and philosophy of leadership.

Kouzes and Posner's five practices underscore leadership development behaviors of Monarch Leaders as noted in the three developmental phases below.

In teaching and facilitating leadership development programs, we utilize the "Know, See, Plan, Do" model for curriculum design and leadership development. We aim to not only to impart theory but also to encourage ongoing practice, reflection, and continuous learning (Allen, Miguel, Martin, 2014; Kolb, 1984; Raelin, 2007).

Three Developmental Phases

The Emerging Leaders phase focuses on developing the individual.

Topics addressed in this phase include:

  • Self-Discovery
  • Values Clarification
  • Networking & team-building
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Leadership awareness through service
  • Develop and articulate personal leadership philosophy

Expected Outcomes:

  • Self Awareness
  • Identify leadership philosophy and area of passion
  • Actively engage on campus
  • Hold membership in an organization on/off campus

Programs and initiatives in the Emerging Leaders Phase include:

The Emerging Leaders phase is appropriate for students ready to start their leadership development (i.e., typically, first year, second year, or transfer students).

The Developing Leaders phase focuses on the group and examines the areas of collaboration, common purpose, and controversy with civility.

Topics addressed in this phase include:

  • The Five Practices of the Student leadership Challenge
    • Model the Way
    • Inspire a Share Vision
    • Challenge the Process
    • Enable Others to Act
    • Encourage the heart
  • Inclusion & Social Justice
  • Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution
  • Ethical Leadership

Expected Outcomes:

  • Identify leadership style of self and others and explore strategies to work effectively with group or team
  • Navigate change within an organization
  • Examine and apply the five practices of the Student Leadership Challenge to navigate change and inclusion within an organization
  • Engage in campus and community leadership experiences

Programs and initiatives in the Emerging Leaders Phase include:

  • Select Workshops from the Leadership Lecture Series
  • Monarch Leaders Retreat
  • Leadership role within organizations
  • Program mentor for undergraduate student leaders
  • Service

The Developing Leaders phase is appropriate for students with leadership/officer roles within organizations on/off campus and mentoring others.

The Monarch Leaders phase focuses on citizenship and provides participants engagement opportunities in the ODU and Norfolk communities.

Topics addressed in this phase include:

  • Collaboration and Networking
  • Building Other Leaders
  • Creating Change through Civic Engagement and Service-Based Leadership
  • Leading Towards Your Vision

Programs and initiatives in the Monarch Leaders Phase involve working with an advisor/mentor towards the student's vision/goals around transition to: graduate school, workforce, entrepreneurship venture, non-profit, and/or area social impact. This could include an internship, actions towards policy that impact change, grant writing, creating and/or working with a non-profit or for-profit organization, and/or steps towards creating a new social change organization.

The Monarch Leaders phase is appropriate for students who:

  • Already attended self-awareness and group dynamics development workshops
  • Held/hold an executive/officer position in an organization
  • Facilitate developmental experiences for other students

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