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Student Clubs

Getting involved in student organizations and clubs is a great way to meet new people, pursue your interests, and experience diverse cultures!

anime club

Anime Club

The ODU Anime Club was formed in 2001 to serve the needs of nerds on campus. Its members share a variety of interests, including (but not limited to) anime, video games, role-playing, tabletop gaming, and cosplaying. It meets in Webb Center every Thursday from 6pm to 10pm. When it is not meeting, many of the members relax in the Lion's Den in the front of the Webb Center.

Chinese Club

Chinese Culture & Language Club

The Chinese Culture & Language Club is a great way for ODU students interact. We help students know more about Chinese culture and provide language help, while helping international students from China explore America and practice their English.

Cuban Club

Cuban American Club

ODU Cuban American club is an organization to teach and promote all things Cuban. The Cuban culture, history, customs, the Cuban people, the Cuban-American exiled culture, their religions, beliefs, celebrations, food, humor, politics, and everything in between.


European Student Organization

This organization serves the purpose of being a point of interaction culturally and socially for individuals (domestic and international) with an interest, intrigue, background, etc. for European culture(s). All are free to be a part of the organization as we are new and are always looking to make new friends and provide others with an opportunity to make new friends from many different walks of life!


Filipino American Student Association

To honor and preserve our traditional cultural values, exemplify academic integrity and success, create opportunities for future endeavors, strengthen relationships with the local community, demonstrate a positive example to the youth, encourage a sense of family and unity through mentorship, and allow discovery and growth of Filipino identity in the contemporary American setting.

French Club

French Club

The French Club at Old Dominion Univeristy is meant to share and further the appreciation of the French language and francophone culture through various activities and events. This club is perfect for students who would like extra practice speaking French, or for anyone interested in French language and culture.

German Club

German Club

We aim to cultivate cultural enlightenment by developing language skills, promoting the advantages of bilingual education, embracing foreign students, hosting events related to German-speaking culture/countries and making students aware of study-abroad opportunities.

Global Monarch Club Logo

Global Monarch Club

The Global Monarch Club(GMC) connects globally and engages locally to create an inclusive community and promote diversity & intercultural understanding within the ODU community through a Global Mentorship mentorship program and buddy system.


Japanese & American Student Association

Welcome everyone to the new and improved Nichi Bei Kai, now known as JASA! The mission of JASA (Nichi Bei Kai) is to unite students and faculty as a Japanese and American intercultural education group. Our goal is to provide information, programs, and activities for its members. These programs will include discussion of topics related (but not limited to) Japan-US relations, culture, and language, as well as other activities aimed at promoting good relations between ODU students with interest in Japan, its culture, etc. We are very excited to have you all join us on this mission. If you would like to stay up-to-date on events and such, join the Facebook group and check out our website by clicking the links below!

Latin Club

Latino Student Alliance

The Latino Student Alliance at Old Dominion (LSA) is a multi-ethnic organization dedicated to educating and unifying students of all races at Old Dominion University while understanding, appreciating, and connecting with the Hispanic ethnicity. Though membership is not limited to anyone, students who find LSA most beneficial are international and Spanish language students, those interested in Hispanic cultures (dialects, dances, foods, traditions), individuals seeking cross-cultural experiences, and people seeking fellowship or on/off-campus diversions. We provide voluntary services to the ODU and Tidewater communities while generating an apprehension of the Hispanic ethnicity through every event, service provided, and educational program offered.

Martial Arts Club

Martial Arts Club

The aim of the club is to teach traditional Martial Arts (Aikido, Judo, Karate) in a safe and disciplined environment.

Mixed Minds

Mixed Minds (Multicultural Bookclub)

A Multicultural Book Club: Each month, in conjunction with the national acknowledgement of a cultural or ethnic group, the Mixed Minds will highlight a book that focuses on that group in conjunction with an annual theme. The books will be available at the University Bookstore or online.

Spanish Club

Spanish Club

Our mission as a club is to facilitate Hispanic culture on campus while growing in the language, enhancing Hispanic traditions, and helping others. The Spanish Club was designed to aid students that have a love and passion for the language, customs, and culture to learn it in a conversational atmosphere.Nuestra fundación es "Mientras las bendiciones lluvia en nos, seremos siempre una bendición a otras personas. " We want to enhance the learning and speaking of students, participate in community service projects, and learn more about Hispanic culture as a family. Our goal is to grow in language and culture as one.

Students Helping Honduras

Students Helping Honduras

The ODU chapter of Students Helping Honduras is one of many chapters across the country that help raise awareness, fund raise, and serve the children of Honduras who are stricken by poverty and gang violence. This organization collaborates with locals of Honduras to build schools across the country for young children. Through youth empowerment and education we believe we can reduce both poverty and violence in the most dangerous country in the world.


¡Wepa! (Latin dance group)

Wepa is a Latin cultural based dance team that promotes the art of Hispanic culture. Wepa strives to bring the passion of Latin music through dances such as Bachata, Merengue, and Salsa, by performing and hosting workshops for the ODU community.

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