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Our Mission

Learning Japanese will open doors to new places and new possibilities. Our interactive, proficiency-oriented classes aim to develop students' language skills and socio-cultural awareness and competencies. Students have many opportunities to practice their language skills and connect with Japanese speakers through class projects, language clubs, and various events throughout the year.

Minoring in Japanese is a fun and exciting adventure - it will show that you possess determination, grit, and no fear of challenging yourself. Along the way, you will meet and make friends with people from diverse backgrounds, and expand your (view of the) world. We are committed to fostering competent global citizens who are critical and creative thinkers, effective communicators, and good collaborators.

Core Faculty

Michiko Kaneyasu

Michiko Kaneyasu

Associate Professor

(On leave 2023-2024)

Minori Marken

Minori Marken


Japanese Minor Coordinator

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Experience Guaranteed

Enhance your college career by gaining relevant experience with the skills and knowledge needed for your future career. Discover our experiential learning opportunities.

Academic Days

Picture yourself in the classroom, speak with professors in your major, and meet current students.

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From sports games to concerts and lectures, join the ODU community at a variety of campus events.