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Why Study Chinese?

As you know, about one-fifth of the world's population, or over one billion people, speaks some variety of Chinese, making it the most commonly spoken first language in the world. Chinese civilization extended for thousands of years of unbroken history. This ancient culture has undergone a complex process of modernization and is poised to become a central player on the international stage of commerce and politics. As one of largest trading partners of the United States, China is becoming the second largest economy in the world.

Whether you are studying Chinese to fulfill your foreign language requirement, as preparation for study abroad in China, for a minor in Chinese Studies, or for your future career, this program of the World Languages and Cultures Department at Old Dominion University offers you both curricular and extracurricular means to meet your goals. The Department offers the Chinese Language and Culture courses at all levels: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced I, Advanced II and Topics in Chinese. All the classes are student-centered, interactive and informative, with key language points taught through multimedia and drills practiced in class. The class activities include individual and group projects such as student-developed games and presentations, and students also watch movies and practice calligraphy to learn about Chinese culture. After class, students can join ODU Chinese Culture and Language Club and are also partnered with native speakers to practice their language skills and to understand Chinese culture.

Core Faculty

Zhongtang Ren

Zhongtang Ren

Senior Lecturer

Chinese Studies Minor Coordinator

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